Durarara!! 03

As Simon calls customers to the restaurant he is approached by two tourists to whom he gives directions to. He then comments on the nature of Ikebukuro being full of foreigners hoping to look for and to change something.

The class representatives are then need to be picked. Anri volunteers for the position of the female representative and after meeting her gaze and reassuring himself, Mikado volunteers for the position of the male representative.  He meets up with her after class but she runs off when she spots the teacher. Kida comments on him taking the initiative and they go to pick up some girls.

Kida is the only one trying to pick up girls though and after having no luck with older women he decides to go after girls from another school. One of them mentions that one of their acquaintance’s boyfriend is a member of the Dollars. Kida becomes interested and how the Dollars meet through a message board is briefly explained by the narrator.

Having no luck at all they bump into Erika, Walker, and Kadota who are on their way to a book signing. Still curious about the Dollars Kida asks them about them. Erika and Walker don’t seem to know anything about them but Kadota suggests that they stay clear of them.

Simon calls for customers and Shizuo and another man see the headless rider pass by. Meanwhile Seiji is looking for someone.

Anri spots someone who she thinks is Harima who’s been absent but it’s actually the girl that Mikado bumped into in the first episode, embarassed she runs off. Meanwhile Kida is still trying to pick up girls and Izaya spots Mikado.

After resting briefly they walk the streets and Kida gives Mikado a speech about overcoming the ordeals of living in Ikebukuro.

They spot Anri who is being confronted by a group of ganguro girls due to asking about Harima. Mikado considers his options to save her and Izaya arrives. He walks him over and pushes him between them before confronting them himself. After this he slices the strap of the leader’s handbag and procedes to stomp on her cellphone.

Scared, she calls her boyfriend who is posing as a member of the Dollars and when he takes a swing at him, Izaya shaves the dome of his head in a single movement. They then run off.

Having rescued Anri they talk in the street, Kida and Izaya seem to know each other and after both Mikado and Izaya introduce themselves to each other, Kida asks why he’s here. He tells him that it’s to meet someone, but he’s already met them. Before he can explain any further he is hit by a flying trashcan.

The trashcan was thrown by none other than Shizuo who holds a grudge against Izaya after he was framed. Before they can face off, the poser returns with all of his fellow posers. They recognise Shizuo and are stunned in fear. One succumbs to this fear and strikes him over the head.

Taking this as an attempt on his life Shizuo procedes to beat the crap out of them, going as far as to punch the one who struck him out of his clothes. Izaya sees this as a chance to escape but Shizuo isn’t going to let him leave that easy. He picks up a vending machine and throws it at him, only for it to be caught by Simon who just dropped off a building.

Mikado grabs the scared Anri’s hand and runs leaving Kida behind. He quickly runs out of breath leaving Anri to pull him. Having escaped, Mikado catches his breath in front of a fountain and Anri thanks him before running off, leaving him speechless.

Having searched all day, Seiji finds the girl he’s in love with.

In the epilogue, the rider passes by Mikado and rumors spread about the Dollars. These are cleared up and Simon once again comments on the nature of Ikebukuro being full of foreigners looking for and changing something.

Next Episode:


Well this episode certainly was an amusing one showing some, not only did it show Izaya stomping on the Ganguro girl’s cellphone from the pv and it was also fun to watch Shizuo beat the false dollars members. It also showed some developments  bringing back the mysterious girl from the first episode as the one who Seiji was looking for (though, that should have been obvious from the opening) and introducing Izaya interest in Mikado.


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