Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 41

As Winry and Scar’s group move through the tunnels they come across some dynamite.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screenshots.

The Blizzard has subsided and Kimblee prepares to move out.

They prepare to take on Kimblee’s group, Ed is opposed to killing them but Miles justifies it leaving Ed alone.

Meanwhile Scar’s group have started to decipher the notes, Winry and the chimera are confused and May talks about the legend of a golden man, the golden man was Hohenheim.

Yorki has managed to lead them out of the tunnels and they here a voice calling for help. They head towards this and find Al. He delivers the message and Scar decides to lead them.

In order to make it seem like Al is still there, Ed makes a copy of Al’s armour while one of Miles’ soldiers moves it from the inside. Kimblee’s group searches for Scar while Miles has his soldiers carry out the plan.

They plan to snipe Kimblee but Ed decides to confront him face to face. They prepare to shoot but Kimblee uses his alchemy to create a mist that allows him to escape. Before Ed can go after Kimblee the chimera stand transformed before him.

Kimblee simply walks away and after seeing footprints in the snow, decides to follow them.

Ed fights the chimera in the mist but is unable to see where they are coming from and they quickly move in close. The ground breaks and Ed finds himself in a room full of dynamite and when the chimera arrive he transmutes it to knock them out.

He then faces Kimblee who presents his philosophers stone which Ed knocks out of his hand, managing to damage the transmutation circle on his right hand. However Kimblee has a second stone which he uses with his left hand.

In the explosion the roof collapsed and the chimera are trapped under the rubble. When Ed tries to move blood pours onto the floor, he looks back and a beam has impaled him.

At the same time Al has collapsed, Winry calls out.

Using what strength he has he uses alchemy to move the rubble and free the chimera, since he had saved them they decide to save him. They lift him up and pull the beam out when he tells them to. Using what knowledge of human transmutation that he has, he shortens his lifespan to heal the hole in his chest. The chimera pick up the stone that Kimblee lost and leave carrying Ed.

Next Episode:

Hohenheim pays a visit to Lior.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 41

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    why does ed need to shorten his life to heal himself? can’t he just do his normal alchemy and seal the wound? it’s not like he is breaking any alchemy rules like unequivalent exchange and not using an alchemy circle/connecting his arms.
    but that part made me wanna cry anyway XD
    preview looks random, the way it shows random scenes of lior without anything connecting it to the current events

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think even Marcoh needed a philosophers stone for medical alchemy, and Ed doesn’t really have that much experience in medical alchemy.
    And yeah it was pretty well done, I like it how the staff at Bones behind Brotherhood can do these moments.

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