Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 42

Scar’s group and Winry rest in an abandoned shack, Al awakens and Winry and May are glad to see him. In order to carry him they had to split his armour up so they put him back together. From this May gets an idea on how to decipher the notes and splits them up.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screenshots.

When put together the notes show the transmutation circle that was found on the map, unfortunately Yorki sneezes and they’re blown over. From this they get the idea to reverse the circle by flipping the pages.

Kimblee is tracking them through the tunnels, here he spots a door with a red X painted on it. He enters it and finds the tunnel that is being dug by Sloth and is met by Pride there who tells him to carve a bloody crest into the Briggs.

Miles has arrived back at the Briggs but Ed is missing.

Meanwhile Falman talks with Breda over the phone who fills him in on Fuery and confirms the connection between the giant transmutation circle and the conflicts around the country.

Sloth has finally completed the tunnel.

The people of Lior are working to rebuild the city, Rose calls out for the meal break, and while handing out food she finds Hohenheim exhausted on the ground.

He asks Rose and the Bar owner if they could lead him to the former church of Leto so they do. They then keep moving heading underground until they come across a poisoned reservoir where no one has crossed. Hohenheim takes a step out and creates a bridge asking them to wait.

This eventually leads to tunnel that Sloth was digging, he is attacked by Pride and can only run. He trips into a hole in the wall and Pride can’t attack him. Here they talk and Hohenheim talks about how Pride couldn’t attack him, the homunculi relating to the emotions Father had cast away and he tells Pride to tell Father that slave 23 is on the way.

He then leaves through this and meets Rose and the bar owner again, since the passage is dangerous he destroys the bridge he made to get there. When they ask what he was doing there he replies that he was declaring war.

The Drachman army prepares to attack the Briggs so the Briggs soldiers man the guns. Kimblee is working with the Drachman general as he gives the order to fire the artillery.

The chimera with Scar’s group report to Central that they’ve found Marcoh and Envy is on the way.

Next Episode:

The Drachmans attack, Olivier meets her brother, and Scar’s group is attacked by Envy.


One Response to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 42

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    finally, hoenheim in action. i didnt expect him to be so clumsy, and it seems he puts up a different personality everytime he meets a different person XD
    it kind of makes him feel out of character from before

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