Durarara!! 04

The episode begins with Shinra Kishitani interviewing people in Ikebukuro about the headless rider. He then decides to talk about the headless rider.

He starts by telling some details about himself, how he works as an unlicensed doctor in the underworld, and that he lives with the headless rider, Selty Sturluson. When he arrives home he finds her in the shower and is quickly turned away. After she has finished with her shower they talk using the messenger function on their computers.

Despite not having a head Selty retains her senses of hearing and smell, Shinra has concluded that the smoke coming from her neck allows her to perceive her nearby surroundings. When she arrives in the same room he asks her about her day.

After Izaya had paid her for a job he told her about a street artist having seen a Dullahan in the past but it didn’t have a head at all instead of carrying it under their arm. Selty then searches for the street artist but finds that he has moved on.

Some aspects of the Celtic myths pertaining Dullahans are then explained by Shinra. Dullahans are said to travel the countryside near people who are about to die and if someone were to see them they would be met with a bucket of blood.

He then talks about Selty’s past. She had once awoken to find her head missing and with it a significant  amount of her memories. After this her sole purpose became tracking her head down.

This eventually led her to a ship on its way to Japan, before she boarded it she needed to do something about her horse. It was at this moment she found her bike and had the spirit that possessed the horse’s body possess the bike.

While looking for the street artist, Shizuo told her that he had seen him and goes with her to find him. They find him as he’s preparing to leave and ask him about when he had seen the Dullahan. He shows them some sketches and tells them he had seen her in Ireland when he was younger and was entranced by her at that moment but when he attempted to sketch her he couldn’t imagine what her head looked like. A man who had seen the sketches before had insisted that she was perfect the way she was.

Selty doesn’t have any memories of the street artist but is sure that it was her that he saw. Following this Shinra tries to convince her to give up on finding her head and run away with him but she refuses and storms out.

Shinra then talks about how he first saw Selty, twenty years prior to the series when he was four years old. He had seen a woman without a head on the ship he and his father were traveling on. When he told his father, Shingen about her, he treated it seriously and made Selty the offer of providing her with shelter if he was allowed to perform an autopsy on her.

When this was performed the anaesthetic didn’t work and it was found that she lacked a heart although she possessed other organs but none of them were functioning, all of the cuts that Shingen made would also quickly seal up. He then handed the scalpel to Shinra.

Ever since he had first seen her he felt attracted to her and he wonders what will happen when she gets her head back. Selty tells him to be quiet so he has to turn the camera off.

The man who had talked with the street artist before was Shinra.

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Though this episode also functioned as another character introduction/development episode (this time for Shinra and Selty) it also showed where the main plot will probably be going with the pursuit of Selty’s head. There’s obviously more to Shinra’s father Shingen as it seems that he was the one who talked with the street artist after he had seen Selty, and if the pen spinning is anything to go by it was obviously him. Seltybeing voiced by the beautiful voice of Miyuki Sawashiro was nice confirming the suspicions from her acting as the narrator for the first two episodes.

Also Selty’s name is confusing (Selty, Serty, Celty, Certy etc).


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