Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 43

In the return of fire the Drachmans are easily being wiped out, the general is unable to find Kimblee and when the firing ceases, Kimblee stands alone as the sole survivor on the battlefield.

Scar’s group, Winry, and Al find safety in some Ishvalan slums, May is trying to teach Al rentanjutsu but they argue over what should be taught first. One of the Chimeras, Zanpano meets with a disguised Envy.

Hawkeye serves Bradley tea while he talks about his family.

Zanpano returns with Envy but it was all a trap as May had placed the equivalent to Alchemic mines underneath the snow that she sets off when he steps on them. Infuriated Envy brings forth his true form, the chimeras transform to defend Marcoh, and while he’s distracted by May’s attacks Scar moves in and takes him down.

When they think he down for good his tongue lashes out and grabs Marcoh. Envy threatens to use the slums to create a philosophers stone and reveals that Marcoh’s old research assistants were used to create one, Marcoh removes a glove and transmutes Envy.

The light can be seen from the slums and Envy is reduced to an utterly pathetic existance. They pick him up and return to the slums. Marcoh rests and Envy latches onto Yorki but when no one is willing to help him he lets go. They then put him in a jar and question him.

They then decide what to do and Scar gives May Envy to return to Xing with.

They then must part ways and May and her Panda bid their farewells while Scar and Marco head the other way.

One of the original Greed’s chimeras managed to survive and witnessed his battle with Wrath. He then hides onto a car to avenge him.

Olivier and her brother talk and she ends up beating him around a bit, one of the higher ups meets her and leads her underground. As they go down they arrive at a vault and the man asks her why human transmutation is forbidden, his answer is to stop people making their own armies.

Al, Winry, Yorki and the Chimeras arrive in Lior where they meet Rose and Hohenheim who had been helping out there.

Next Episode:

For the first time in years Al meets his father, Winry takes a bath, the chimera meets the new Greed, and Ed’s back.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 43

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    finally got around to seeing this. wtf is envy lol. is he one of those random blobs like homonculus and pride or is he just some weird made up parasite bug thingy?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think that’s just what happens to him when he loses too many souls, since it happens again to him later on and just as Pride resembled Father’s pride, Envy should resemble his envy.

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