Durarara!! 05

In an attempt to retrieve a briefcase for the client, Selty encounters something with bloodshot eyes wielding a sword.

The wounds cut by it screamed that she was a monster until they healed and just what it was is unknown to her, however she was scared by it possibly being an alien.

After this had happened the holder of the briefcase ran by, distracting some color gang members long enough for Mikado and Kida to get away.

In the chatroom a new user spams.

During the opening ceremony Kida had selected thirty seven girlfriend candidates and Anri was one of the girls in his top five, but he now finds himself in a love triangle. So he spontaneously asks Anri out, to counter this Mikado talks about how she shouldn’t take him seriously. To stop him talking he leaps at him off a railing.

Sometime after one of their classes the teacher who had checked Anri out during the ceremony, Nasujima approached her, but ran off when Kida called out on to check if he was witnessing sexual harassment. This chance was only ruined when Mikado showed up.

They eat ice cream in the park where Kida confirms that Nasujima had been dating a student who had transferred out for still unknown reasons. The conversation then shifts to the girls who were bullying Anri and how they had started again when her friend, Harima Mika went missing.

Harima had been a stalker who was stalking Seiji but mysteriously decided to take a trip after being rejected. Both Harima and Anri had acted like the other’s foil and Anri had felt obligated to run for the position of class representative as it was something that Harima wanted to do. When she asks if it was bad of her that she did this Mikado responds that telling them as if she were appealing for sympathy was worse.

Meanwhile, a man is asking about the strongest in Ikebukuro.

Kida and Mikado say their goodbyes to Anri and keep walking where they talk about what could have happened to Harima and Seiji, Mikado considers using the Dollars to find out but Kida quickly shoots the idea down. They then split up, Kida tries to visit someone in the hospital yet can’t find the courage to do so and ends up standing outside, in a hospital room a girl looks down and smiles.

The slasher targets another victim and the spammer, Saika returns.

Selty asks Shinra about something and he tells her the details of her next job so she heads out to complete it.

This time around the man asks some gang members who briefly argue it before agreeing on Shizuo being the strongest.

Worried about Mikado’s safety, Kida goes to the sushi restaurant that Simon calls customers for and asks Kadota and his group for any knowledge that they have about the Dollars, even though they don’t know much they tell him.

Mikado spots Seiji and the mysterious girl and stops them only for them to quickly move on. Kida had spotted and tried to follow him but was stopped by some members of the yellow scarves who pull him away. Mikado sees this and goes after them.

The events from the start of the episode then unfold, Certy is attacked but fends it off, Kida and Mikado escape and the gang members are cut down by the slasher.

The girl in the hospital room is visited by Izaya.

The man returns home where he lives with a young girl, Haruna. Meanwhile in the chatroom the spammer has been banned.

The next morning Kida and Mikado catch up with Anri and they walk to school together, Kida is starting to like the way things are between the three of them.

Next Episode:


Starting the episode with the end and having the events throughout the episode spiral towards it was an interesting way to present the episode. This episode also seemed to build upon Kida’s character introducing his relationship with the girl in the hospital and further hinting a connection he may have with the yellow scarves. The introduction of the thing that attacked Selty and how it affected her seemed to progress the story a bit. And the reason why her wounds called her a monster makes the attacker rather interesting. Selty being afraid of aliens was also both somewhat funny and cute at the same time as well.


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