Durarara!! 06

In the middle of the night, Kadota and his group are engaged in a car chase between themselves and the kidnappers who had previously kidnapped Rio.

This ends in the kidnappers van being stuck up against a fence so they try to escape on foot, Kadota grabs the closest one, throws him on the ground, and asks him to tell him about the experiments that the kidnapping victims are to be used for.

Kadota then begins to narrate the order of events from eight hours before this.

The kidnappers decide to raid a building where illegal immigrants live and they plan to be a bit more careful after their encounter with Certy, with their arrival the inhabitants scatter with the exception of a middle-aged man who was listening to music. As soon as the man notices them he tries to convince them that he’s Japanese, but they’re not buying any of it so he tries to escape out a window only to get stuck.

Meanwhile Erika, Walker, and Togusa arrive to meet Kadota who is currently fixing up a restroom, he receives a message from the middle-aged man, Kaztano but they’re unable to figure out what it really meant. The kidnappers are having difficulty restraining Kaztano and the chloroform is spilled after they confiscate his phone.

Mikado, Kida, and Anri are eating at the Russian sushi restaurant where in an attempt to lessen her worries Mikado accidently makes them worse, Simon doesn’t make it any better when he suggests that other restaurants don’t exactly use fish for their sushi. Kadota and his gang are there as well.

Since the chloroform spilled everyone in the van is dizzy, Kaztano suggests that they dump the one who was preparing it and is now unconscious since it mostly spilled on him. So they take his advice and dump him on a trash heap with Kaztano’s phone in his pocket.

Kadota and his group arrive to drop off some sushi for Kaztano only to find the place trashed and what he had meant before was that he had been kidnapped. This puts Togusa in despair so they have to rescue him and a kid, Hashim helps them out by telling them about the kidnappers van. They thank him by giving him the sushi.

While Certy watches a documentary about aliens, Shinra receives a call from Kadota about a job for Certy to track down the kidnappers van and rescuing Kaztano. She heads out after receiving the details and only finds out later that Shinra had given her the sh0pping list while the details are still with him.

Seiji’s older sister who is in charge of a pharmaceutical company talks with one of her subordinates about the lack of experimentees and how their suppliers shouldn’t be so picky.

Kadota and his group search for Kaztano but can’t find any leads, Togusa gives a dog his scent, and while remembering back Kadota explains what Kaztano is to Togusa. Who is a big fan of the idol, Ruri Hijiribe and Kaztano who works as a ticket salesman was always able to get him tickets as close to her as possible. Just as he was finishing, Erika and Walker ask who he was talking to and get the idea to call Kaztano’s phone.

The one who answers is Izaya who calls Kadota by his nickname, Dotachin and was in Ikebukuro to get some sushi from the Russian sushi restaurant, he only gets as far as telling them this and his location when an elephant slide just misses him as Shizuo has found him. He says goodbye, throws the phone back and runs off with Shizuo just behind him.

Kadota and his gang arrive to find the kidnapper still unconscious, Erika and Walker want to wake him up their way but Kadota decides to shake him down. After they find his phone they call his buddies and pretend to be him. As they celebrate their success, he wakes up and after calling themselves members of the dollars Togusa delivers a punch that knocks him out again.

Kadota then explains how he and his group came to be in the dollars, after receiving an invitation to join and the only requirement being that they had to say that they were members. When he accepted he received a password and though he has never seen their leader he suspects it to be Izaya.

While out shopping Shinra realises his mistake. Izaya spots Certy while eating his sushi and Shizuo points her in the right direction.

They catch up with the kidnappers who release Kaztano when they spot Certy and try to escape. The car chase at the start breaks out and the dog Togusa sent earlier arrives.

The next morning they decide to question the kidnapper leaving Erika and Walker to torture him with a method from the various manga series they had. While Kadota, Togusa, and Kaztano drink a carton of milk each the mere description of the torture methods is enough for kidnapper to confess.

This leads them to Yagiri pharmaceuticals where they suspect something dark inside, they then go to have sushi for breakfast.

Next Episode:

Looks to be Shizuo and Izaya centric.


Well this episode was pretty entertaining not only did it have some good action in the form of the car chase but it also had some great comedic relief, with stuff like their introduction as members of the Dollars, Certy watching the documentary on aliens, and Izaya’s brush with Shizuo. It also seemed to place Yagiri pharmaceuticals as the current villains for the series as they’re behind the kidnappings and they’re currently in possession of Certy’s head. Just as the last episode did, this episode started with the end and had the events of the episode ultimately spiral towards it, and it once again made the episode fun to watch.


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