Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 44

Al talks with his father for the first time in years and both don’t really know what to say, Hohenheim gets called to help so he has to go. Once again, the bar owner thanks Al for the radio, and he runs off to help his father. The chimera decide to help.

Winry uses this chance to take a bath, she and Rose talk about Ed and how the people of Lior are grateful to them.

In search of Greed, the chimera finds his way underground and overhears Olivier and the general in the chamber where they were last. He runs away scared and finds himself face to face with the new Greed.

Al and Hohenheim decide to talk after finishing a job, Hohenheim asks what he’d do if he wasn’t on his side and he’s glad Al trusts him.

Ed’s watch and a letter are used to get funds by one of the chimera that left with Ed, Darius. He returns to the hospital where they’re staying, but the military know they’re here now and they search the hospital for them. They find one of him in a bed and question him.

One of the officers describes Ed as short to someone and is found unconscious when another one checks. The last officer wonders what’s going on, then a metal fist breaks through the wall and grabs him.

When he collapses Ed steps forth.

They thank the doctors and leave only to be found by some soldiers, in order to escape they pretend to use Ed as a hostage and a car chase breaks out. Ed has a plan and they swerve around a corner. When the soldiers arrive they can’t find them, passing the disguised car they’re in.

Al and Hohenheim talk about Father’s plan, and Al hands him their notes.

The new Greed doesn’t remember the chimera and attacks him, he tries to remind him only to be stabbed when he pretends to remember. The blood on his hands calls forth his lost memories, and in his mind he and Ling argue about how he could forsake and kill his friends.

It’s almost Salim’s bedtime in the Bradley household, they hear a knock on the door and when they open it Greed lashes out only for his hand to be met with Wrath’s blade.

Next Episode:

Greed vs Wrath round 2, and Olivier visits the Armstrong household.

Bonus Eyecatch:


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