Durarara!! 07

While trying to collect a debt from a man with his boss, Tom, Shizuo snaps, breaking his cigarette, throwing it to the ground, and stomping on it before snapping a sign. Then using it to hit the man, despite this he doesn’t like violence.

The chatroom is talking about how violent Shizuo is and Setton doesn’t think that there’s anything to be scared of.

After failing to collect a debt they pass the scene of an attack where the slasher has claimed another victim. The man who found that he was the strongest in Ikebukuro spots him and follows. As he walks Shizuo doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, ignoring anyone who greets him before stopping in front of a movie theatre. The journalist approaches him and talks about the famous actor, Hanejima Yuuhei who just so happens to be Shizuo’s younger brother, Heiwajima Kasuka. Once again he snaps repeating his actions with his cigarette before hitting the man with a lamppost.

The first time Shizuo did this was when he was young and had a fight with his brother over eating his pudding cup. This caused him to lift up the fridge but before he could throw it, he injured his neck and wrist.

Whenever he got angry he did this and would continually injure himself with his bones sometimes breaking in the process.

While he was in the hospital, Shinra who happened to be his classmate at the time visited, fascinated by his strength and briefly explaining that it was due to the limits on his muscles being turned off.

He then stopped trying to restrain himself and his body eventually grew more resistant to his strength.

One day as he and his brother were heading to school a woman from a nearby bakery gave him and his brother a bottle of milk due to seeing Shizuo constantly injured. At the end of the day they saw her being hassled by some thugs, Shizuo snapped and ended up destroying the interior of the bakery, injuring the woman in the process.

Eventually he entered Raira academy with Shinra, meeting Selty and seeing Izaya for the first time as well.

After beating some random gang members Shinra introduced him to Izaya and without even knowing him, immediately despised him. He took a swing at him only for him to evade and slash with his knife. They then fought for the first time, the fight only ending when Shizuo was hit by a truck.

He then continually got into fights with more gang members, beating them every time and eventually finding that Izaya had been setting him up. Needless to say, he chased him out of the school and would eventually regret not killing him then.

When they all graduated, Shinra began his current job, Izaya worked as an informant for the Yakuza, while Shizuo tried to work normal jobs only for his temper to get the better of him each time.

When he began working as a bartender his brother who was already well known gave him multiple boxes of bartender uniforms as a way of encouraging him to keep his job. It was around then that Izaya framed him, he resisted, and though he was found innocent he had lost his job.

He then met Tom who was his upperclassman when he was in school and worked under him as his bodyguard. He wondered if Kasuka was mad at him for this only to be reassured when they spotted each other in a crowd.

When they had to collect a debt from some social outcasts in an arcade who didn’t know who he was and sprayed coffee over his uniform. Because of this he snapped and trashed the arcade. While he doesn’t like violence he just wants to be strong enough to overcome his anger.

It’s then revealed that this episode was him talking with Selty to find out what was wrong with him and she comments that he must really love his younger brother. As he walks the streets once more, he responds to Simon and spends the night walking around Ikebukuro.

Once more he spots Izaya but he had disappeared once he had caught up.

Next Episode:


Well this episode certainly was entertaining, not only did it function to build upon Shizuo’s character with his bursts of anger providing  most of the highlights and how he ironically dislikes violence. But it also served to touch upon some of the other characters’ back stories briefly with Shinra and Shizuo being friends in and throughout middle school and high school. Along with Shizuo’s dislike towards Izaya beginning in high school and though it was brief it seemed like Kadota attended the same school as Izaya as well.


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