Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 46

Miles and some of the soldiers from the Briggs arrive in the East for an exercise, some of them transport Winry home while she hides in a barrel.

Thanks to 2chan for the temporary screencaps, due to the recent earthquake south of Japan there was a Tsunami warning over the TBS and MBS’ airing of this episode (as can be seen above). I will update them later when I can.

She heads upstairs to her room to change her clothes only to spot Ed who was keeping watch there.

She screams and the men come in to see what’s happened, the chimera come in, Den attacks one, Greed grabs him and Winry kicks them all out.

Back at the Rockbell household Pinako appears and welcomes Winry home and they all have dinner downstairs, Winry is confused about Greed/Ling.

After his automail has been tuned, Ed tells Winry that she and Pinako should leave the country causing her to yell at him since she knows he’s going to succeed. Ed walks out and finds Greed waiting for him, who comments on Winry.

Ed, Greed, and the chimera leave the rockbell residence.

Back in Lior, the chimera and Yorki are still working and they find Scar and Marcoh eating at the bar. After they depart they meet up with Scar’s master and comrades. While Grumman holds a military exercise with the Briggs, Bradley watches over it.

Al leaves the train only to be attacked by Gluttony and Pride who restrains him and moves towards his bloodseal.

Mustang meets Olivier in her new estate and they talk as they walk down the stairs, when they reach the bottom he gives her some flowers that contain the message about Selim. She throws them in the fire as soon as he compliments her though.

While Bradley watches over the exercise his subordinates tell him about some terrorist attacks in Central, he decides to head back only for his train carriage to be separated and blown up. Grumman laughs it up, Hawkeye and the rest of Mustang’s men meet up in the barracks and load up.

In the epilogue, Bradley’s subordinates bicker over his assassination, Olivier eyes up his seat, and Father places his hand on her shoulder.

Next Episode:

Ed, Greed/Ling and the chimera fight Pride whose possessed Al and Gluttony at the same time.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 46

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    nice gif =)
    the show seems to be nearing the final battle, i guess they might acutually finish around 52 eps =( but i hope it’s longer than that…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Those hopes of it being longer are actually quite likely since even though it’s heading towards the final battle there’s way too much for them to finish it in 6 more episodes and they’d need to buy more time until the manga ends.

    Buf if it were to end at 52 episodes they’d have to go with a sudden original ending or a “go watch the movie” end.

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