Durarara!! 08

The episode starts with the participants of the chatroom talking about losing things, after Setton arrives it changes to Selty having a nightmare of her head being within her grasp only to be taken before she can grab it.

The following day Shinra arrives back since it’s Selty’s first day off in some time and after talking about dreaming he offers to take her out. But since she doesn’t want to go anywhere she offers to cook him a meal as thanks for letting her stay in his home.

Meanwhile Kida lends Mikado a textbook since he had forgotten his and makes him know that he’d forgotten more than the textbook.

Erika is looking for Walker and inquires Simon but he isn’t that much help, she happens to have his cellphone that was left at a maid cafe, and she is approached by a girl who asks people to write down what they’re looking for in her notepad so she does so.

Kadota stands outside the Yagiri Pharmaceuticals building as he ponders the rumours around it but can’t investigate further having promised not to. As he leaves a bomber arrives and runs in with his fire crackers lit.

Walker having not found his cellphone at the maid cafe asks Simon if he’s seen Erika.

Having returned back from collecting the ingredients, Selty cooks the meal and presents it to Shinra. However from his reaction she can tell that she messed something up and reacts by enveloping all the food in a ball of smoke. He tries to brush over the issue but when he tells her that she doesn’t need her head she walks out.

When he hears the doorbell Shinra runs towards it expecting Selty but is met by a man in a suit.

At the end of the school day, Anri finds that her shoes are missing from her locker. Kida runs off to investigate leaving Anri and Mikado to search the school for them. While searching a classroom Anri talks about how her parents were kind but runs off soon after. Mikado continues to look for them and after telling Kida to give up he leaves but spots the shoes in on the ground below.

As Shizuo and Selty stand outside a vacant lot they try to remember what building was there before, Selty thinks that she’s acting more human before remembering what building was there.

Mikado sets about returning the shoes and he meets the girl with the notepad. He looks through the notebook seeing the various responses before writing in his own.

Selty returns home but can’t find Shinra, so she heads out again.

The man in the suit had taken Shinra to the Yagiri Pharmaceuticals building where he has to deal with the bomber who had run in with firecrackers who had come in demanding what they had done to his girlfriend. The man wants Shinra to remove his memories of them.

Selty drives she passes Mikado and meets Shinra at an intersection. Here he asks her to have a meal with him. They go to the Russian Sushi restaurant where Shinra is surprised by the style of sushi that they have, after eating the sushi they open their fortune cookies. Selty’s says that she’ll find what she’s lost while Shinra’s says that his love will not come true.

As the episode ends, Erika and Walker were able to meet up, the girl looks at Mikado’s response, and Mikado was able to return Anri’s shoes to her. Only for her to quickly thank him and close the door. The mysterious girl can’t remember anything and Seiji tells her that he loves her, bringing her to tears. And Selty puts her fortune under her pillow as she goes to sleep. Where she has a dream inside a forest holding her head.

Next Episode:


Obviously the theme of this episode was losing and looking for things with Selty’s wish to find her head being developed further along with all of the other things/people that other characters were looking for. Aside from this, this episode also served to develop upon Yagiri Pharmaceuticals being something of a villain in this series with their shady actions. And Sawashiro Miyuki being back as the narrator this week is always welcome as well.


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