Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 47

Al finds himself in a white space with Pride around him saying it’s too early for him.

Thanks to 2chan for the screencaps.

Ed’s group manages to meet up with Hohenheim and the first thing he does is punch him. The promised day is tomorrow and Hohenheim agrees to tell them everything, Ed’s reaction is to be expected and he and his group leave after he delivers his mother’s last words. That she couldn’t keep her promise and would be going first bringing him to tears.

He apologises to Trisha while looking at the family photograph.

Before they leave the town Ed gets some red cloth and transmutes it.

They stop suddenly as they walk along the road when they hear something. Al steps out and asks Ed to follow him but something seems different, Ling reacts telling him to get away as Pride’s shadow strikes.

Grumman and Miles inspect the wreckage from the train. He’s not sure if Bradley is really dead and he thinks over the plan.

Greed asks Pride why he’s here and Ed is pissed at him for taking Al hostage, Hienkel and Darius hide. He attacks once more and Ed evades his attacks but they keep coming. They conclude that his attacks  require shadows to work, in this case the light is coming from the nearby town. Ed transmutes it so the power goes out.

It’s pitch black and pride is rendered powerless with his body nearby. Though they can’t see, Hienkel is able to attack him based on his scent. Darius leads Ed to Greed only for Gluttony to attack. Darius takes him on and though his first few attacks hit his last one hits Ed. Inside of Greed, Ling offers to take over as he can sense him.

He knocks him away at the last minute and Gluttony resorts to using the form he used before. But before he can attack he is taken down from behind by Ran Fan, her missing arm replaced with automail.

Next Episode:

Pride regains his power and Mustang meets up with his team.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 47

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i didn’t expect lan fan to come back this ep, but her arm is full of win =)

  2. zSyin says:

    lan fan ^:)^

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