Durarara!! 09

While stuck at a red light, Namie tries to call a number on her cellphone. During this she thinks about how her love is different to that of other people’s love.

Seiji, with his sister paying for their expenses runs across the road to get something for the mysterious girl. While he’s away, the girl takes his cellphone out of his bag and throws it into the fountain.

Due to Seiji’s constant shifting about, the people that Namie has keeping track of him have been having a tough job doing so and have currently lost him. Worried that the girl with him may be found by the police she leaves to find someone who can find him.

On the way she considers the girl no different from the dolls she received from her uncle who only gave them to her since he liked them. They were often looked after by this uncle and inside his study there was a head in a jar. When she had showed Seiji this he was entranced by it.

She arrives in the office of the man who had supplied her with the list of illegal immigrants, Izaya Orihara and demands that he find her brother. Before getting to work he describes Yagiri Pharmaceuticals’ financial situation and how Namie had to work her way up. As he works she spots a board with pieces on it from three different games.

Due to Seiji growing attached and eventually falling in love with the head Namie insisted that the head be shifted to the laboratory but her security card was stolen and with it the head. Sometime after that she received a call from Seiji which made her happy as he needed her.

She goes to his house as he thinks he may have killed someone and finds that he had attacked Mika Harima when she had broke in and saw the head he had stolen. Determined to protect him she has her subordinates take care of it. Meanwhile as Namie remembers this Izaya has managed to find Seiji and has sent the police to take him into custody, Namie lashes our and leaves. Izaya moves a piece on the board.

The girl receives a message saying that she’s being pursued and pulls Seiji away to leave, he tries to stop her but she runs off, only for Selty and Shizuo to see her. Selty acts by chasing and grabbing her causing her to scream, just as Shizuo tries to calm her down he feels a sharp pain in his thigh and when he looks down sees that Seiji had stabbed him with it.

Before he can respond Seiji stabs him again asking that they let her go and the girl manages to get away from Selty. Shizuo nonchalantly shrugs it off and tells Selty to go after her, giving chase on her bike. As the girl runs around a corner she bumps into Mikado who seeing that she’s being chased, leads her away.

Seiji tries to follow but Shizuo grabs him and when he see’s that he doesn’t know why the girl’s problems, throws him. When he lands he sees her running away with Mikado. Shizuo grabs him and questions his love which he decides to prove with action as he prepares another pen. He strikes at his face but Shizuo blocks it and decides to let him go by only knocking him out.

Selty tells Shinra about this and the reason she was there was for a job from Izaya and when she asks why her head was attached to another body, Shinra brings up reasons that she’d rather not think about and she’s now determined to find the high school student who ran off with her head.

Namie comforts Seiji and tells him to leave it to her and giving the order for her capture to her subordinates.

The messages the girl had been receiving were from Izaya and she lets him know that she’s in Mikado’s apartment. Knowing this he sees that there’s no one in the chatroom and speaks of his love for humanity before moving another piece.

Mikado offers the girl a hot drink and asks her some questions and cleaning it up when she spills it.

Next Episode:


We finally get some development on the mysterious girl and as suspected she’s supposedly Selty’s head on Mika Harima’s body, what happened to her was also revealed as well. Izaya apparently orchestrating the events of this episode by sending messages to the girl and making sure Selty was in the same area at the time was surprising but probably to be expected. Shizuo was actually pretty cool in this episode, remaining calm despite being stabbed twice.


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