Gintama 199

Gintoki fights Antenmaru merely as a fan of Christel.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

With his bokuto powered by Gedomaru and Seimei’s familiar he cuts Antenmaru’s arm off and deflects his attacks. As he strikes Douman remembers how he and Seimei were friends with the promise of getting stronger they made. Held back by these Gintoki strikes his head. Douman temporarily comes to his senses and begs that Seimei defeat him to fulfil their promise.

Antenmaru grabs and throws him. All of the Shirino Onmyouji cast their spells to power Gintoki’s bokuto up, Douman entrusts Seimei with protecting Edo before Seimei casts his spell to power Gintoki’s bokuto up.

Meanwhile the rain has become a typhoon yet Christel continues her weather report.

The spells continue to power his bokuto up as Gintoki prepares a decisive blow, the demon regenerates his arm and attacks,  while Christel continues. Gintoki strikes back with a blow that pierces Antenmaru and flies off into the sky causing it to clear.

With the feud over both the Shirino and Ketsuno clans work together to rebuild their households and Seimei talks about how they have to work together.

Gintoki asks Gedomaru to get Christel’s autograph before he leaves in exchange while she tells him that she’ll never forget him. Before he leaves Douman reveals that he’s still alive and that he and his clan have prepared a thank you gift, but Seimei appears and one ups him.

And the arc ends with members of the Ketsuno and Shirino clan having stayed behind to record Christel’s report. They  hear her indirectly thank Gintoki through her horoscope.

The ending theme is shown in full with highlights from the arc in typical Gintama fashion.

In the trailer for the movie, part of the theme song by DOES can be heard.

“Bakuchi Dancer” by DOES.

The Yorozuya talk about the movie and the Benizakura arc which Gintoki has changed for him to have straight hair. Kagura takes a go and the conversation shifts to Katsura.

Next Episode:

3 month late Christmas special with the countdown standing at 2.


6 Responses to Gintama 199

  1. fukki says:

    +2 eps =(( omg and this christmas special is about 3 chapters on manga, I heard they will start to reprise the serie after 201 till movie is out…

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    what is this beam sabre super saiyan action XD
    rumbel started kind of releasing again…maybe someday i will catch up XD
    anyway, is this a countdown to something unknown? or did i forget something?

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    @ Fukki

    Sounds like it should take up a whole episode and I think they’re more likely to go for a filler arc or something, are there any episode titles past 201 yet?

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    It came from everyone powering him up which he used to blast Antenmaru and it’s good to see Rumbel release stuff.

    The countdown is supposedly counting down to the end of the series. But it’s probably nothing to be worried about…

  4. fukki says:


    The Red on Santa Claus is the Color of Blood


    What Santa Delivers Are Not Presents, But Dreams

    these ends the chapters about christmas, and probly ends the anime…they are saying anime will end at 201, an anime called HEROMAN is starting in gintama slot, anime gintama will start to reprise in another day…lets wait till 201 to know for sure

  5. Ginnodangan says:

    Damn, should have known to at least check fansub wiki…

    I’m pretty sure that the reprisals/new airing slot will be on Mondays instead of Thursdays at their usual time, as of the 5th of April from looking at the most recent chapter (last page is simply ;_;).

  6. fukki says:

    cant believe they wont animate this arc ;_;

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