Durarara!! 10

Before he met the mysterious girl again and the events of the last episode occurred, Mikado was shopping.

He decided to let Kida know but he merely commented on how it could be more cliche. After Kida leaves Mikado thinks to himself about how he wanted to live a different way of life.

Have a stitch…

The next day at school Kida shows Mikado a list of people suspected to be members of Dollars, on this list one name catches his eye, Takeguchi Ryo who only Kida had suspected of being a member. He decides to investigate.

They eventually find him on the rooftop where he’s composing music on his harmonica and Kida asks him outright if he really is a member. It turns out that he really is a member, he accepted his invitation as the lack of rules appealed to him and if he were to describe the Dollars it would be colorless unlike the Yellow Scarves and Blue Square. After the bell rings they return to class having decided that only those who ask should know.

With the school day over Mikado and Anri prepare to walk home together since Kida has to stay behind. As they leave the building he calls out to Mikado about the girl from a window. He hurriedly lies to her about the girl and Anri reveals that she’d known about him before they met. Mikado’s mind runs wild with possible scenarios as to what could go wrong if she was stalking him.

Somewhat to his relief she isn’t a stalker and as they leave the gate the girl who had her cellphone stomped on is waiting with her boyfriend. He confronts Mikado only to be met by a kick by Selty and being stomped on by Izaya who then rejects the girl. In order to get away Mikado hurriedly makes up an excuse and leaves.

As he walks they both follow him and when he comes to a bridge he asks them to talk to him about what they need to here. Selty goes first but Mikado finds her reason for wanting to find the girl too hard to believe and he asks her if she really doesn’t have a head. After he promises not to scream she shows him whats beneath the visor and tells him the real reasons.

While Erika and Walker are discussing the To Aru Majustu no Index novels, another van scratches their van causing Togusa to speed after them in rage.

After agreeing to let Selty see the girl, Mikado enters his apartment to find her gone and be restrained by two men from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals who question him on where she is. Due to there being a suspicious van outside and Mikado seeming to take too long, Izaya and Selty come to his rescue causing them to run away.

Putting everything together, Mikado enters his password to the Dollars website, makes a post, and asks for their help.

Next Episode:


The meeting with Takeguchi seemed to show that most Dollars members are probably unaware of each other and that many of them may just be ordinary people. Mikado’s puppet theatre proved to be entertaining once more this time showing the possible bad ends he came up with to the idea of Anri stalking him. As well as the ganguro girl showing up with her boyfriend again only to have him stomped on by Izaya. Of course the main revelation that came from this episode was that Mikado is a member of Dollars and it really puts some of the stuff that he’s said before into another perspective.


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