Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 49

With his new powers from consuming Gluttony, there’s nowhere to run or hide from Pride.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

Greed takes back control of Ling’s body as he and Ed fight Pride, Lan Fan is forced to hide due to the strain from her new arm. Fu retreats with the wounded Hienkel.

Hohenheim is able to call Al back, Fu returns with Hienkel and fills him in. Seeing how bad the situation has become, Al comes up with a plan that he’ll need his father’s help with.

Pride has cleared the surroundings and prepares to end the fight.

Hohenheim steps in and keeps Pride distracted as Al runs in, only to be captured again.  Pride makes fun of Al for such a futile attack, Hohenheim tells him not to as he transmutes a dome over Pride to restrict his movements entirely. With Pride out of the way Greed runs off, and when Ed yells at Hohenheim but he tells him that this was Al’s plan.

Within the dome Pride is completely powerless and Al plans to wait the promised day out.

With only Sloth and Father in Central, Greed intends become the king of the world.

Scars’ group meet up some people in the slums on his way to where Ed’s group is, where he learns that May is still in Amestris and of the assassination attempt on Bradley.

The bodies of Ishvalans cover the ground as Kimblee hums a tune.

Stuck in the dome, Pride tries to break out but with his current strength it’s impossible. Al uses this chance to talk to him about the people that are considered his family. As he taps Al’s head, he remembers how his mother saved him and the idea of having a mother interested him.

Before setting out, Mustang pays one last visit to Hughes’ grave.

As the sun rises, Scars’ group is able to meet up with Ed’s group. All the chimera are able to talk together, where they learn that none of them are working for Kimblee and how they prefer working as they are now.

Ed heads out leaving Al behind as the promised day begins.

Denny Brosch is woken up his younger siblings who want his telescope to watch the eclipse, they spot smoke. Meanwhile Mustang and his team are fighting their way through Central with Bradley’s wife as a hostage.

One of the higherups hears the news and gives the order to attack as long as Mustang stays alive.

Mustang’s group find themselves surrounded by Central’s forces who have orders to shoot anyone but Mustang. The episode ends with a gunshot.

Next Episode:

Mustang’s coup is in action, Ed’s group arrives in Central.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 49

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    no v2 for 48 =( guess i’ll just watch it now before 49 comes out…

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    mustang back in action =)

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