Durarara!! 11

While Seiji believes that only he can be the one to save the girl, Namie learns that the girl had left by the time her grunts had arrived when she receives a phone call from Mikado to make a deal.

As the crimson moon still hangs in the sky, life on the streets of Ikebukuro continues as normal and on a rooftop Selty ponders what the time she’s spent there has done to her, remembering Shinra’s words about her marrying him.

Namie meets Mikado on the streets of Ikebukuro where in exchange for the girl, Mikado wants Namie to face the consequences of what she had done to Mika Harima. To which she refuses as she won’t allow anyone to get in her brother’s way.

This only strengthens Mikado’s determination as they argue whether or not endings are already predetermined by actions. He draws his phone and prepares to initiate his plan but begins to doubt it as Namie calls her grunts. Before they can seize him, he accepts that the only way to beat them will be through numbers as he sends the message.

The result catches Namie off guard as everyone around her checks their phones, including everyone in Kadota’s gang who had just arrived. Kadota heads to the rooftop with the girl where they meet the waiting Selty.

Within the crowd, Isaac and Miria from the Baccano! series also answer their phones revealing themselves to be members of Dollars as well.

Not being able to change something in his hometown, Mikado bought a computer and the internet was opened up to him. Here he was able to keep in touch with Kida, met many new people, and eventually got the idea to found Dollars as a joke. Which he did by spreading various rumours on message boards and eventually people believed it, but incidents related to the Dollars began to occur in real life and the number of members on the website continued to increase.

Following the order Mikado gave, the Dollars members stare at Namie and her grunts while Erika tries to pick out their leader from the van. It’s then revealed that when Togusa was chasing the van he had almost hit the girl and they received a message from Mikado as the Dollars leader that led them to where they are now.

On the rooftop, Selty meets the girl accompanied by Kadota and asks her what her name is. She replies ‘Selty’ and Selty runs off.

Within the crowd, Namie and her’s grunts have lost Mikado and everyone’s attention is drawn to the roars of Selty’s horse as she rides down the building, scythe in hand. When she lands convinced that she’s only a monster, she slashes through the grunts, with one landing a hit that knocks her helmet off.

The crowd stands shocked with Namie and some of them running as Selty affirms her existance. While Mikado is confronted by an unstable Seiji with a scalpel.

Next Episode:


The last episode seemed like it was heading for something big in the next episode, and this episode certainly delivered when Mikado used his power as the leader of Dollars. Despite being kind of spoiled that wasn’t really an issue as I’m more concerned with how the events are carried out and what leads up to them. Colouring the grey crowds was a nice effect whereas before it could be seen to make some things stand out, this time it was coloured to show that everyone was connected through Dollars.

Isaac and Miria appearing also came as something as a surprise and was easily one of the highlights of the episode, and it’s sort of funny to see them going from stealing cellphones around the end of the Baccano! anime to using them here. Perhaps there’s hope for a second season afterall.

How the Dollars were founded was also explained in this episode, and it interesting to see how a joke on some message boards by a bunch of friends eventually grew to what can be considered one of the biggest gangs there, though it was also confirmed that most of the members are everyday people.

This episode also held what could be some interesting devel0pment in Selty’s character, first when she considered how her time in Ikebukuro has changed her and secondly when she needed to affirm her existence there after, meeting the girl with a head that as if her’s was surgically grafted onto another girls body.


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