Durarara!! 12

Before Seiji can stab Mikado, Celty steps between them. While she’s down, Seiji tells them his reasons for wanting to find the girl, only for Selty to repetitively hit him with her helmet each time he readies the scalpel. She prepares to slash him with her scythe, but before she can do so the girl steps in and defends him.

At this point Selty and Mikado realise that the girl isn’t Selty’s head attached to Mika Harima’s body but Mika Harima herself.

Before the incident in Seiji’s apartment, Mika first saw Seiji next to her in the entrance exams that Mikado also attended. After this she began to stalk him and broke into his apartment. Where after seeing the head, Seiji smashed her head into the wall.

When she awoke Namie made her the proposition of having surgery performed by Shinra to match the appearance of Selty’s head, however her emotions and memories would have needed to be erased so she ran.

Realising that it had been performed by Shinra, Selty runs off. While Seiji is devastated that his love had been fooled and Mikado comments on how similar they are.

Selty confronts Shinra, where he can easily predict what she would say and he had hidden the truth as he was afraid of losing her once she found her head. She tells him that she wants her head in order to have some power over her own death as destroying it would kill her. They then hit each other where Shinra knocks her helmet off and considers those hits as a substitute to the kiss that they would share at their wedding, she hits him again and they both fall onto the chair.

As everything has calmed down, Kadota meets Izaya and learns the true meaning of Dollars’ name and Erika and Walker are amazed that Selty is part of Dollars.

Izaya then appears before Mikado and tells him he was surprised at the turn of events, that there’s no use in trying to live an unordinary life as it eventually becomes ordinary and that he won’t reveal Mikado’s place in Dollars. Before bidding him farewell as Tanaka Taro. Upon this Mikado makes the startling revelation that Kanra is Izaya.

As the epilogue begins, Kida tells Mikado what he heard about the Dollars gathering.

Seiji agrees to accept Mika’s love until he can get Selty’s head.

Mikado logs onto the chatroom and chats with Setton briefly before they log off. Selty logs off as she’s got a job. She meets Izaya along the way and when she leaves, she feels happy with her current self.

While at School, Seiji and Mika arrive and thank him before taking their seats together. Mikado heads up to the rooftop to meet Anri, only to find Kida giving her a flower. He kicks him away and his offer is rejected by Anri who invites him to have lunch with her.

As the current arc in the story concludes, Namie meets with Izaya in his office where he goes over the events as he moves the pieces on his board. He then talks about his beliefs in the afterlife, comparing Dullahans to the Valkyries of Norse mythology that deliver fallen warriors on the battlefield to Valhalla. It’s for this reason that he wants to instill a war that would allow him to go there. He then invites her to join Dollars and reveals that he was the one who began to invite members in it’s developing stages.

Next Episode:

Should be a new opening and ending theme next week as well.


Well this arc was finished rather nicely and as far as laying the base by introducing characters and the setting it did a good job. There were also quite a few revelations in this episode, such as the girl who was thought to have Selty’s head only being Mika, Shinra’s involvement in it, Izaya influencing the events of some of the past episodes and of course outright showing who was really who within the chatroom.

Selty and Shinra’s scene was nice and even though it showed how manipulative he could be when faced with the possibility of losing her.

Izaya now possessing Selty’s head provides an interesting spin on things, and his goal to induce a war should mean big things later on. It also means that as close as Selty’s head may be to her, it’s also still far off.


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