Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 50

Gunshots go off and Central’s forces soon find themselves surrounded and disabled by Mustang’s allies. Bradley’s wife fears that she’s been abandoned and Mustang swears that he and his forces will protect her.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

Mustang torches stuff while Hawkeye snipes pushing Central’s forces back and their commander is surprised to find that no one has been killed by them.

In the command room, Olivier offers to take command due to the weaknesses of Central and tells them that her soldiers from the Briggs can take action without her.

The soldiers from the Briggs arrive and engage Central’s forces just as she says this.

Mustang’s allies are running low on ammunition. Some soldiers try to sneak up on them and almost get fried for it and Rebecca arrives with an ice cream truck full of weaponry with Maria Ross inside, which they use get to the outskirts. And despite being wheelchair bound Havoc is still helping out by supplying them with what they need.

“Hell yeah, motherfucker.”

Ed’s group isn’t too far from Central and they plan out how to get underground. Marcoh, Hienkel and Yorki will be staying behind, and before they leave, Ed talks to Al while Pride continues to tap Al’s head.

Still carrying Envy, May runs through the streets.

Disgusted with the them, Olivier is at gunpoint. She draws her sword and stabs one of the generals’ arms, while grabbing his gun and uses it to shoot the other general at point blank range.

Denny learns what’s happening from Armstrong, while Fu moves through the crowds but feels a disturbance underground.

Ed’s group arrive in Central and decide to head to one of the Laboratories, in order to get past the guards he runs out with his watch and points towards Scar before knocking them out while they’re distracted. They head underground, splitting into two groups. Ed, the chimeras, and Scar and Hohenheim and Lanfan.

Far enough away, Hohenheim tells her to leave and do what she needs to do.

In order to combat Mustang’s forces, one of the generals heads underground and fires up the immortal army. Everyone hears them as they howl.

Next Episode:

The immortal army moves out, Olivier holds a General hostage and being awesome as she is, fights Sloth with her sword.


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