Angel Beats! 02

Since they’re running low on ammunition and arms Yuri decides that it’s time that they descend down to Guild.

They head underground through the gymnasium to find Noda waiting for them, intent on fighting Otanashi. He moves forward with his halberd and is struck by a hammer, that slams him into a wall. From this they deduce that the traps are still activated due to Angel being nearby.

Opening Theme:

“My Soul, Your Beats!” by Lia.

They continue moving underground intent on arriving before Angel does when the second trap, a giant rolling ball goes off. Shiina finds a place to avoid it but Hinata, Takamatsu, and Otanashi are lagging behind. Before the ball rolls over them, Hinata tackles Otanashi so that the ball rolls past them, however Takamatsu is hit.

Next they go into a chamber which turns out to be another trap that confines them, then runs a laser back and forth. They manage to avoid it the first two times but when it gets to the point where they have to jump over it, Matsushita is struck.

They climb down further only to activate another trap which in this case lowers the ceiling, before they’re crushed TK heroically holds it up for the others to get away. Unaffected by his sacrifice, they continue.

As they arrive at another passageway, the floor collapses, Oyama falls, and the remaining members of the brigade are hanging in a chain. Otanashi who’s on the bottom, climbs up Hinata and Yuri. When he reaches the top, he hears Hinata fall after trying to climb up Yuri. Before they continue, Fujimaki tells Otanashi that he’ll be next.

However he drowns in the next trap that flooded the area. They manage to swim to safety but when a dog in a box heads down the river and towards a waterfall, Shiina jumps to save it and goes over the edge after finding out that it was fake.

With only Yuri and Otanashi left, Yuri questions her leadership skills and Otanashi tries to cheer her up before suggesting that they rest for a bit. During this she tells him something from her past. When she was alive she lived happily with her parents and her three younger siblings.

One day when her parents were out some burglars arrived and trashed the place looking for valuables. Unable to find any they decided to make Yuri look for them and for every ten minutes if she didn’t have anything, they’d kill one of her siblings. But she could find anything with her only hope shattering when she slipped down the stairs and when the police arrived later, only she remained.

It was due to this that she wants to fight back against God and when asked about how she died, she assures Otanashi that no one who’s here had committed suicide.

They climb down further and arrive at Guild which is a giant factory. Here they learn that Angel is on her way with the traps only slowing her down. Due to this Yuri gives the order to abandon guild since what’s really important is their memories which they can use to give form to things. The head craftsman, Chaa steps forth and tells them to move to Old Guild as they need only their pride and memories.

He gives the order to begin the demolishment while Yuri and Otanashi move to stall Angel. They fire at her but she regenerates and deflects the shots before Yuri rushes in and engages her in combat with her knife. Angel activates another one of her skills, Delay which allows her to move quickly as if teleporting. She moves in to finish her, but Otanashi tackles her before they move out of the way of the cannon the craftsmen built.

When the cannon fires it blows up so Chaa brings out some grenades for them to throw at her. Even though they bounce off, they provide them with enough of a distraction to get out of there and for Chaa to set off the dynamite.

As Angel recovers the floor collapses and she falls into the exploding Guild.

They arrive in Old Guild which contains only the materials that are needed to create things. The craftsmen rush in Yuri gives the order to the recovering brigade members, to head to Old Guild. As the episode ends, Otanashi thinks that Yuri is a good leader.

Ending Theme:

“Brave Song” by Aoi Tada.


This episode started out fun with the brigade members falling to traps, got sad with part of Yuri’s backstory, and then had a dose of action near the end as they fought Angel.

As far as the comedy went each brigade member except for Yuri and Otanashi being caught was actually pretty funny, from when Noda was sent flying in slow motion with fitting music soon after he appeared to Shiina leaping over a waterfall for a fake puppy, and if anything it stressed that they can’t die in the afterlife. I was expecting something tragic as part of Yuri’s backstory but her being unable to protect her younger siblings turned out to be far more tragic than I was expecting, it also explaining Yuri’s reason for rebelling against God. The action near the end was fun to watch with P.A. Works doing a good job at animating it and the episode itself.

The opening and ending themes also appeared in this episode. And not only is the opening theme was upbeat, nice to listen to, and the animation was beautiful. In comparison the ending theme was rather calm, providing a nice way to relax at the end of an episode.


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