Durarara!! 13

Six months after Mikado called the Dollars meeting, the existence of the headless rider has become common knowledge in Ikebukuro and the slashings have continued regularly.

New Opening Theme:

“Complication (コンプリケイション)” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D.

In this episode, Anri takes the role as the narrator in this episode and refers to herself in the third person each time. At Raira Academy, Mika and Seiji embrace each other in the courtyard while Mikado, Kida, and Anri have lunch on the rooftop. Where Kida takes the opportunity to call her sexually attractive and points out that Mikado had admitted that she was cute in his response.

On the streets, a shadow lurks behind Shizuo as he and Kadota’s gang comment on how Celty has been driving recently.

She hears sirens and notices multiple police bikes following her, they corner her in a parking lot where she attempts to frighten them off with her shadows but they won’t budge. Their leader comments on their position as grunts in the story and threatens her not to underestimate the Tokyo Police Force as more cars arrive.

It skips ahead to a scared Celty arriving home and jumping into Shinra’s arms, she explains how she had just got away and Shinra tells her how their leader must have been the famous officer, Kinnosuke Kuzuhara who was called in to capture Celty. She hits him when he comments on the place where she should act like this before he asks her to pick up his father.

People with the colour yellow cover the streets and Celty spots Shinra’s father, Shingen where he’s being harassed by members of the Yellow Scarves, their leader, Horoda grabs him when he retaliates so he calls out to Celty. Horoda let’s go and smacks Celty’s messager out of her hand, sick of other gangs messing around in Yellow Scarf territory.

Due to this she expands her shadow to cover the gang members who run off shortly after. Celty is glad that her messager isn’t broken and Shingen laughs the matter off.

Namie arrives at Izaya’s office where she works as his secretary and is still confused by the different pieces on the board.

Izaya meets Simon on the streets who invites him to the Russian Sushi restaurant, but he turns this offer down. Before he leaves Simon warns him about keeping a certain matter a secret in Russian and he responds that he should talk about it here.

As Mikado, Kida, and Anri walk home, she considers them her first friends and Kida wants them to go with him to pick up chicks, but ends up running off on his own. This gives Mikado the chance to walk alone with Anri and he blushingly points out the sunset, shortly after this Anri leaves to walk the rest of the way on her own. Kida had actually given him this chance and he’s approached by some of the Yellow Scarves who want him to join them again, with no intention of doing so he walks away.

Talk of the slasher spreads over the news and message boards. In the chatroom Izaya, Mikado, and Celty talk about the reappearance of the Yellow Scarves and the slasher, Celty’s fear of the police shines through, and Izaya warns Mikado to be careful of the Yellow Scarves. Meanwhile the ganguro girls walk behind Anri and knock her to the ground before verbally abusing her.

A shadow with glowing red eyes moves in from behind and the spammer, Saika returns to the chatroom despite having been banned. Anri watches as it draws a blade and attacks the ganguro girls.

New Ending Theme:

Next Episode:

“Butterfly” by ON/OFF.


With the conclusion in the previous episode what can be considered the second story arc started off rather well, with this episode mainly showing the characters after the six month timeskip and any changes there may be, like how Namie now works as Izaya’s secretary. While introducing some new characters such as Kinnosuke Kuzuhara who’s now pursuing Celty, and Shinra’s father Shingen who made a return to the main story. It’s interesting how Simon instantly becomes more serious whenever he speaks Russian as well. It seems that both the Slasher and the Yellow Scarves will be playing a bigger role than before as well.

As far as the new opening and ending go, it may have taken a bit to get used to but they’re both pretty fun to listen to and the animation for both is similar to both their predecessors. Roman/Westernised versions of the character’s names were also included in the opening, settling any confusion I had with Celty’s name, which I thought was spelt Selty from the S on her helmet.


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