Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 52

Al uses the stone to fight Pride and Kimblee, regenerating any lost parts and creating a sword from any retrieved before using the stone to create a flashbang and seal Pride. With him sealed, Al talks to Kimblee about why he uses it to fight instead of regaining his body, before he reveals his own stone.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

Meanwhile, Armstrong and Olivier work together to take down Sloth, managing to kill him once. Some soldiers arrive only to be crushed by Sloth who isn’t holding back now as he instantaneously moves. Armstrong is hit and Oliver trips back before Sloth charges in.

Kimblee frees Pride before forcing Al out of hiding by throwing stones into the dust cloud to find him by sound, Pride sniffs him out and restrains him. However it was all a distraction as Hienkel crushes Kimblee’s neck, and Marcoh has Al’s stone.

Using the truck as a cover, Mustang’s group sneak into Central.

Ed’s group continues to fight the immortal army as the opening theme plays as an insert.

Before Sloth could attack Olivier Armstrong blocked it and sends Sloth down to the next floor, dislocating his shoulder in the process. It doesn’t last long though, as he’s back right away.

Unable to attack Hienkel as he uses Kimblee as a shield, Pride turns his attention to Marcoh. Just before he strikes, Yorki knocks him over with a car. Everyone gets in before Pride can respond and they speed off towards Central, evading Pride’s attacks.

Kimblee is barely still alive and in order to live on is absorbed by Pride.

Armstrong managed to defend Olivier once more by sending a spike through Sloth’s head, the soldiers move in to arrest him. They hear the sounds of gunshots from other soldiers defending themselves as the immortal army makes its way in and attacks them. Olivier gives the soldiers the choice of following her or dying.

May fends off Envy and anymore of the dolls from the immortal army are absorbed by Envy. She runs away.

Ed’s group still fight the immortal army and when one grabs Ed as another leaps towards him, the sealed entrance is blasted open, as flames from Mustang who has arrived with Hawkeye, burn away the immortal army.

Next Episode:

The flames of revenge overwhelm Mustang.


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