Angel Beats! 03

Iwasawa proposes a new song which is turned down by Yuri for being unsuitable to distract the other students. Yuri then introduces another member, Takeyama who insists on being called Christ, to help with their next mission of infiltrating Angel’s area.

After practicing, Otanashi’s aim has gotten better and when he gets a can of coffee he meets another member of the brigade, Yui as she puts up posters and is also a fan of Iwasawa’s band, Girls Dead Monster or GirlDeMo. With his can empty, he gets another one. This time he hears GirlDeMo rehearsing and arrives as Iwasawa calls a break.

During this she tells him about her past of growing up with parents who constantly fought and how a band called Sad Machine had saved her. She later found a guitar and began singing and focusing on music. But in an attempt to stop her parents from fighting she took a blow to the head that lead to a stroke while she was at work. This left her unable to move or speak, and it was like this that she died.

By hearing this Otanashi is able to deduce that the members of the brigade are rebelling against God for their unfair lives.

To the protests of the students, Angel tears down posters.

With a copy of her guitar aside from the stage, Iwasawa and GirlDeMo begin their performance. While Yuri, Otanashi, Hinata, Matsushita, Noda, and Takeyama infiltrate Angel’s area which turns out to be an ordinary room. Takeyama begins cracking the password on Angel’s computer. Otanashi considers what they’re doing an invasion of privacy so Matsushita and Noda restrain him.

There’s not enough people there so they begin singing another song to draw them in. Angel and some teachers arrive to shutdown the concert.

Takeyama is able to crack the password, but with the concert being shutdown they need to be quick. Meanwhile, the teachers have caught GirlDeMo and are in the process of confiscating the instruments. When one of the picks up Iwasawa’s guitar she breaks free and takes back the guitar. As another member makes a run for it and makes it so the other students can hear Iwasawa.

Having been backed into a spotlight, she begins singing a song she wanted to sing.

With what time they have, they access the data on Angel’s abilities.

Accepting that she wanted to save people with her music as she had been saved, Iwasawa disappears.

From their infiltration they learnt that Angel gains her abilities, not from god but from the same way they create their weapons.

During the Ending Theme, Iwasawa has disappeared with Takeyama standing in her place.


Another nice episode with not so much, if any comedy with breathtaking concert scenes instead and the focus of the episode being Iwasawa. Who’s backstory though probably not as tragic of Yuri’s background was also pretty tragic, having her dreams crushed due to accidentally being hit in an attempt to stop her parents from fighting. It was nice to see her accept how she wanted to save people as Sad Machine had saved her as well.

How the characters will be disappearing in the Ending theme as they all eventually disappear is pretty interesting, and by the end most of the characters would have probably disappeared. So it’ll probably be rather sparse then compared to what we have now.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 03

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    Iwasawa’s gone. without miyuki sawashiro, the show’s awsomeness has dropped by over 9000. =(
    the singing doesn’t sound like her, did she actually do the singing or did they get someone else?? it says she did the two inserts on myanimelist, but that singing voice sounded nothing like her’s
    hope they don’t all just disappear and get replaced by some random person in the ed…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, without her it’s going to be a bit different, might mean no more concert scenes either…

    Not sure, it could be her but in the credits it says Girls Dead Monster (marina) for both of the inserts.

    Miyuki Sawashiro is probably one of my favourite voice actresses, her voice is just somehow smooth and nice to listen to so it’s sad to see her character go so soon.

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