Durarara!! 14

Izaya alerts Mikado and Celty of the recent slashing of a student from Raira Academy, they all leave the chatroom with Mikado going to check on Anri and Celty wanting to know more about the Slasher. Just as this happens, Saika returns.

Shinra arrives home and hears someone in the shower, thinking that it’s Celty he opens it only to be traumatised from seeing his father there instead. He is intent on keeping his mask on and when the issue of paying Celty for picking him up, he tries to avoid it. Celty admits that she has returned Shinra’s feelings and Shingen will only accept their relationship if she calls him father.

He also accidentally admits that he was the one who originally took Celty’s head and tries to brush the issue aside by taking advantage of Celty’s rash tendencies. When that doesn’t work he asks them to follow him before running off, Celty thinks he took the elevator and heads down after him. With her gone he steps out and reveals that he only pressed the button and presses it again to go down.

Unable to find Shingen, Celty spots Mikado who’s worried about the rumours about the Slasher being a member of Dollars and the growing tension between Dollars and the Yellow Scarves. She tells him that she’ll look into it as well.

She tells Shizuo about it and when he learns that she was attacked he’s ready to drop everything and kill the Slasher right then and there. Since she doesn’t know that much about the slasher Shizuo heads back to work.

In order to find some information about the Slasher Celty pays a visit to Izaya’s office to buy some, and he brings up the idea of Shinra falling in love with another Dullahan and what Celty would do. He eventually tells her of a demonic sword known as Saika that possesses the user and when Celty returns home, Shinra seems to know something but avoids the topic.

As Namie arrives at Izaya’s office she has a gun pointed at her back.

When Izaya returns he finds Namie and Shingen who reveals that the gun was only a toy. The reason that he’s here is to retrieve the head but doesn’t need it back yet, being interested in Izaya’s experiment of awakening it by exposing it to conflict and suggests that he throw those around Celty into conflict.

At Raira Academy, Nasujima moves in on Anri and Kida arrives to rescue her by bringing up Haruna who transferred to another school, having been targeted previously. Away from Nasujima, Kida tells her that he’ll be staying out of Mikado’s way from now on, just before he arrives.

They walk together as far as they can before bidding each other farewell and Kida finally gathers the strength to visit Saki.

While Anri visits the site of the previous slashing, Shinra tells Celty that Saika had originally belonged to his father and that it is capable of cutting things on a spiritual basis. Making a connection between Anri and Saika she heads off, just as the Slasher appears behind Anri.

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Shingen’s character made this episode pretty enjoyable, with his antics such as tricking Celty that he used the elevator and using the toy gun to get into Izaya’s office and other than that he seems like a fun character. As I had speculated earlier, from Shingen spinning a pen in Shinra’s back story and the man that the street artist had talked to spinning it the same way. There was a connection between Celty losing her head and Shingen, which turned out to be him actually being the one to steal it.

Also the music that was at the end when the Slasher appeared behind Anri and also in the previous episode does a good job of giving an eerie feeling, giving me the creeps when ever I hear it.


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