Angel Beats! 04

Hinata has a flashback of a baseball game, as Yui auditions to fill the position left by Iwasawa, and the opening has been changed to reflect this. After her audition she ends up accidentally hanging herself after kicking the mic stand.

After dismissing her singing they decide to give her a chance but revoke it after her fandom for one of the band members takes over.

Yuri announces that the battlefront will be participating in the baseball tournament, the members are to form teams and any team that doesn’t perform well will be punished by her.

Hinata and Otanashi team up to recruit members for their team and everyone that they ask has already joined a team.

When Yui appears before them to join, Hinata initially agrees as a way to take out the other team’s pitcher, but they don’t exactly get along.

After this they’re able to recruit Shiina who has been balancing a broom on her fingertips ever since the guild descent operation as a test of her concentration.

Next they head to the riverside to recruit Noda who agrees as a way to get Yuri’s attention.

They still need four more members and after Hinata has the flashback of the baseball game again, they’re able to get Yui’s fans to join the team. Though they’re still one member short they decide to go in with what they’ve got.

All of the battlefront’s teams advance past their first round as Yuri overlooks the games.

The only team left to advance is Hinata’s team who decide to aim for a cold game with Noda clearing the bases.

When Otanashi hits the ball, Noda appears and hits it back so they start hitting the ball back at each other over and over again. Their plan eventually goes as expected with Noda hitting a one handed homerun.

Otanashi pitches when it comes to their team’s turn to pitch and it’s not long until he and Noda start throwing the ball back and forth at each other. Shiina still manages to balance the broom while catching the ball and eventually they win the first round.

In order to crush the battlefront’s teams, Angel and her vice-president, Naoi form their own team with members of the baseball club. With this team they defeat the battlefront’s teams until only Hinata’s team remains.

After the match begins the scores are almost matched when Hinata calls a timeout and notices Matsushita in the outfield. As Otanashi was able to recruit him with an extra meal ticket and catches the ball while still eating. With victory in sight, Yuri laughs it up.

With two outs, and runners on second and third  Otanashi calls a timeout and Hinata tells him about the game in his past, and how during the finals he was faced with catching the ball that would either win or lose the match for his team.

He doesn’t know whether he caught it or not but from his team’s resentment towards him afterward it would that he didn’t, and as he was leaving the locker room an upperclassman offered him something to calm his nerves.

They get back to the game and the ball is hit high just like the game in Hinata’s past. Realising that if Hinata catching the ball will cause him to disappear, Otanashi runs to stop him but just before he can catch it Yui puts him in a hold from behind causing them to lose the match.

Once again the ending was changed from last weeks to show Hinata in one of Yui’s holds.


We got the complimentary baseball that seems to be in KEY’s stuff of late which made for some pretty funny stuff and it managed to tie into Hinata’s backstory. And though it may not be as tragic as the likes of Yuri or Iwasawa’s, it seems that just like how Yuri was left alone after losing her siblings there’s still quite a bit left to show of it, and how his team’s resentment and what his upperclassman had given him influenced him. From last weeks episode preview it also looked as if he was going to be disappearing this week so it was good to see when he would have disappeared being interrupted by Yui putting him into a hold.


9 Responses to Angel Beats! 04

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    after the baseball fashback and hinata said he needed ontanashi i was like no way T_T
    then we got to the part where he explained his past i’m like oh fk
    and finally when we had the deja vu i was lie RUN OTANASHI!!! RUN!!! and he did, which made him feel like a real person as most animes would just have the character stare at the other in slowmotion and in shock while he dies. but obviously it didn’t look like he would make it and i was like THROW YOUR MITT AT HIM!! FLICK YOUR SHOE!! WHIP OUT A GUN FROM THIN AIR AND SHOOT HIM!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!! WHAR IS TEH TRANS-AM WHEN YOU NEED IT!?!? NOOO!!! and then when yui jumped him i was so relieved XD it was like i hate yui, but she’s allowed to stay in the show now…

    after that i realized i only cared about hinata and otanashi because they were the only two sane characters in the show. everyone else is weird and stuck up i don’t really like any of them… i didn’t like yuri from the beginning, now i hate her even more, st the end, my hate for her was justified XD

    i really dont get why there is so much hate for this ep. sure it would have been better without any yui, but how does hinata backstory=filler? the guy is practically otanashi’s best friend, being the only guy that’s actually nice to him, he even stands next to yuri in the ed, that’s how important he is. it’s sad to see people appreciating a character that is there just to show his inability to speak a single line of proper english or japanese than a character that is actually humane amongst a band of insane people…

    btw in the GirlsDeMo CD it does say Marina does the vocals and chorus, so basically she is the singing voice of the whole band.
    since LiSA did the op as Yui(instead of her normal VA Eri Kitamura), i’m wondering if GirlsDeMo’s singing will be replaced by LiSA or stays as Marina and whether the op is permanently replaced with LiSA’s version or goes back to Lia’s piano version since this one actually has Iwasawa removed from the animation. i was surprised the rock version was actually slower than the piano lol

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really seemed like he could have disappeared then even though he’s the sidekick/bro character. So I was glad when Yui saved him, and he’s sure to stay until the last few episodes. His interactions with Yui can be pretty funny.

    Some of the other characters can be likable, it’s just that they haven’t received that much focus, though it’s only four episodes in so they still have time for them to do this. I agree with Yuri not really being likable yet, especially considering she’s one of the main heroines of the story.

    And I haven’t really seen all that much hate for this episode either.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    well if u havent seen that much hate, go to the forum discussion for this op on myanimelist lol

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    After briefly skimming through that it seemed that most of the people who didn’t like it either didn’t like the comedy and if they didn’t like it they didn’t like it, or considered to be filler (probably due to the baseball).

    And baseball is in Little Busters! and Clannad so I wouldn’t say that a baseball episode would automatically equate to filler either.

    Also if you haven’t heard it the syncronised version of both of the openings is awesome.

  5. Point Blank Sniper says:

    took me a while to find it lol but yeah it was very good
    but as nitpicker i must say the first half didnt match so perfectly, at least imo. the piano and guitar and the two voices weren’t mixing, they were in synch, but there wasnt magic, but then right at halfway it suddenly became one song. the rock version was a little too quiet althought it might have contributed to the second part being so awsome. i think LiSA’s singing is actually very slightly flat and more shaky compared to Lia’s, and her long notes were short. so since her voice was more quiet, she ended up becoming part of the harmony and fit in perfectly lol. also, the tempo seems to be somewhere in between to original tempo of both versions, i’m not sure, but i think it should have been better if it was slightly faster. seriously though, the second half was amazing =)

    btw, since gintama is gone, you should watch Arakawa under the bridge =) it also has a cast of unique weirdos except everyone is a hobo that lives under the bridge or along the riverbank in this show. as a bonus, you get a creepy live action kappa doing random stuff in the previews =D

  6. Ginnodangan says:

    I probably should have provided a link.

    Already watching it and loving it so far. Not only is the cast is the cast interesting and unique with a kickass voice cast to match, the story itself is pretty unique as well.

    I wonder if the person in the kappa costume is one of SHAFT’s staff members on the production team…

  7. fukki says:

    I liked arakawa too, star head hobo voice’s is the same as gin-san, sugita! also I liked the episode and could t find the sync op, where is it?

  8. Ginnodangan says:

    Here you go,

    And the link itself.

    Also, Tomokazu Sugita is an awesome VA, not only has he made Gintoki practically unimaginable for someone else to voice but he tends to do a good job with the characters he voices.

  9. fukki says:

    He recently did hasgard/aldebaran in lost canvas, I didnt realize it was him till the very end of episode 12, awesoem job, one of my favorites VA

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