Durarara!! 15

Prior to the six month timeskip, Shuuji Niekawa who was investigating Shizuo for a magazine article on the strongest in Ikebukuro was sent flying by him.

If anything this made him more determined so when given the chance he first asks Simon about him, but all his questions regarding fighting are disregarded by him as he brings him sushi.

At the suggestion of Simon’s boss he speaks to Mr Shiki of the Awakasu group who in turn admits that Shizuo is the strongest and suggests a certain informant.

This leads him to Izaya who’s unwilling to talk about Shizuo, and brings up Shuuji’s daughter, Haruna. He then points him in the direction of someone acquainted with Shizuo.

Upon asking Celty she further confirms Shizuo’s strength, after this he asks to see under her helmet and us left in disbelief.

Shuuji then looks into the conflict between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars due to the slashing incidents, and when he asks the Yellow Scarves about their leader he finds that they don’t know much. Likening a girl who was unharmed in a recent slashing to his daughter, he returns home to face Haruna only to be stabbed as he reaches for the front door.

Later in the chatroom, Izaya tells Celty and Mikado how Shuuji was attacked in a recent slashing and shortly after Saika returns to spam about cutting which changes to Saika announcing it’s love towards Shizuo.

On the day where Anri revisited the site of the slashing that she had been left unharmed, she awoke from a dream where she was happy with her parents who she had lost five years ago.

Shuuji later found himself in the hospital and leaves despite his wound still in danger of opening, compelled by a voice to look after Anri.

Elsewhere, Shizuo sits on the back of Celty’s motorcycle determined to kill the Slasher. The Yellow Turbans who harassed Shingen and Celty appear and when Shizuo confronts them, they only realise who he is when it’s too late.

As Anri walks she thinks about why the mention of Haruna Niekawa’s name made Nasujima sweat and is approached by two police officers who offer to walk her home but are called away due to a fight.

Kadota’s gang is on the lookout after a Dollars member was attacked, in the back of the van Walker is ashamed about a book he wrote in the past, and they spot Anri being followed by a man with red eyes.

While Celty and Shizuo move  through traffic, upon spotting Kinnosuke she heads into an alley to avoid him.

The Slasher having possessed Shuuji appears before Anri and before he can strike, Kadota’s gang hit him with the van.

They stop to take a closer look, he gets up and starts madly swinging his knife before rushing towards Anri. Just as he gets within reach he is knocked aside by Celty who has arrived with Shizuo. Upon seeing him, the slasher confesses it’s love towards Shizuo, who tears a door from the van and charges at him with it positioned like a shield. Followed by a crunch.

Next Episode:


Just like what I’d liked in the second episode, this episode went back and viewed some events in a different way, starting as early as when Shizuo sent Shuuji flying some nine episodes ago and showed how a simple event that would have otherwise been disregarded had an influence further on. After seeing Anri’s dream I’m curious to know what happened to her parents, though they probably won’t be just like they appeared in the dream.

In the next episode it looks like we should be getting some more information on what happened between Nasujima and Haruna along with what connection Haruna has with Saika.

It also seems like they’re going for an opening that subtly changes with each episode as well with more characters appearing behind Mikado, Anri, and Kida, lightning flashing in the cloudy sky, and it seems a bit more gloomy as well.


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