Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 54

During the Ishval war, Mustang found Hawkeye at the grave of an Ishvalan child where she asks him to burn away the circle on her back.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

Back where last week left off, Hawkeye points her gun at Mustang pointing out that he calls her Riza when they’re alone. Envy transforms back and Hawkeye opens fire, when he manages to land a blow, flames blast through from the real Mustang. He asks that Hawkeye leave this to him and he continuously burns Envy until he’s reduced to his tadpole-like form.

He places his foot on him ready to finish the job, Hawkeye stops him in order to stop his vengence from consuming him.

Envy is knocked out from under his foot and lands in Ed’s hand, as Mustang demands that he hand him over but he refuses as he isn’t in any position to lead a country, and Scar tells him what his pursuit of revenge has turned him into.

Hawkeye says that she will be the one to kill Envy and that if she has to shoot him, she’ll shoot herself soon after. Not willing to lose her as well he accepts his mistakes and puts down her gun before they both fall to their knees.

Envy taunts them on their resilience  needing other people to help them and Ed points out that as a homunculus it was that which he was truly envious of. Unable to stand that Ed could understand how he feels he tears out his own philosophers stone and fades away bidding Ed farewell.

Sloth has recovered and Olivier has taken command as they work together to fight the immortal army. Sloth remembers his fight with Olivier but Armstrong isn’t going to let him get to her. As he holds onto his chains taking a beating while doing so. As his older sister, Olivier has faith in him, and when Sloth hits him and relocates his shoulder, he launches his counterattack.

The Briggs soldiers continue their assault on the headquarters and as the general is about to give an order, Buccaneer strikes and grabs him with hi automail vice. When asked how they got in, Izumi steps forth and introduces herself as an alchemist.

During the ending theme, Hohehiem meets Father within his lair.

Another trailer for the Gintama movie.

Next Episode:

Ed, Scar, Mustang, and Hawkeye make their way further underground, Izumi and Sieg arrive to help Olivier and Armstrong, and Hohenhiem faces off with Father.


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