Angel Beats! 05

While Angel is in class, the SSS plans to ruin her reputation by causing her to score low on her exams.

The members participating with Yuri in this are Takamatsu, Hinata, Oyama, Takeyama who still insists on being called Christ, and Otanashi.

They pick their seat numbers out and Takeyama ends up with the seat in front of Angel, so his role will be to fill out a second answer sheet with false answers and to replace Angel’s answers with it. However they still don’t know her real name yet, so Otanashi goes to find out but she stops him to warn him about the test starting soon. Here he introduces himself and finds out that her name is Tachibana Kanade.

With the first test over Hinata attempts to distract everyone while Takeyama switches the answer sheets, since it didn’t really work Yuri presses a button and propels him into the ceiling with fitting music and slow motion replay.

Before the next test begins Yuri decides that in order to mix things up, Takamatsu will have to provide the next distraction. An argument quickly breaks out about the difficulty of their jobs which Yuri ends by yelling at them, with everyone’s attention now on them Otanashi attempts to brush it aside.

With the second test over, Takamatsu tries to distract everyone by standing up shirtless and is propelled into the ceiling by Yuri when he’s told to sit down, also with fitting music and slow motion replay.

It’s decided that Oyama will be providing the next distraction by confessing to Angel, a similar argument to the last breaks out which Yuri ends in the same manner with Otanashi attempting once again to brush it aside.

With the third test over, Oyama confesses to Angel which she un-expectantly accepts, due to Oyama taking too much emotional damage Yuri propels Hinata into the ceiling with fitting music and slow motion replay.

They break for lunch where they find out the Yuri intends for them to keep this up while slightly changing the distractions.

Sometime shortly after the exams, rumours have spread of Angel failing all of her exams and she loses her position as the president of the student council with Naoi taking over.

The SSS battlefront carries out another Operation Tornado, with Yui providing the vocals for GirlDeMo and singing the last song Iwasawa left behind. As the other members of the battlefront patrol the gymnasium, Otanashi spots Angel and manages to convince the other members not to attack her.

She moves through the crowd and gets a mapo tofu meal ticket from the vending machine, after watching this Yuri gives the order to turn the fans on, blowing everyone’s meal tickets away.

As they exchange their tickets, Otanashi hands in 0ne for Mapo Tofu and when Yuri tells him that the ticket was originally Angel’s he realises that he had taken away her favourite food, while Yuri considers that Angel was merely acting in response to their actions, unrelated to god. Due to the thought of Angel sitting alone in the cafeteria Otanashi asks if she could join them now but Fujimaki is against it as she was their former enemy.

The ending was changed to show Takamatsu shirtless and sparkling.

As the episode draws to a close, Naoi arrives with some of the normal students and surrounds them, intent on escorting them to detention.


Well, this episode can essentially be summed up as Yuri and friends bully a girl for no real reason, but if anything it did a great job at humanising Angel from the cold emotionless antagonist into a lonely girl who was only acting out her responsibilities as the student council president, worth sympathising with.

The first half of this episode was pretty funny, especially how they went about with the distractions while the answer sheets were switched with fitting music and a slow motion replay accompanying anyone propelled into the ceiling by Yuri.

With Yui now providing the vocals for GirlDeMo it looks as if more awesome concert scenes are in sight, and it’s nice how Yui was given the responsibility to sing the last song Iwasawa left behind.

With Naoi now in charge it looks as if things aren’t going to be as easy as they have been for the battlefront, considering his actions at the end of the episode.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 05

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    now that takamatsu isn’t a pseudo geek, i thihnk he’s pretty cool. before, this, he was a pretty boring and pointless character, but now that i’ve seen his muscular-tornado-drive-through-the-ceiling move, he’s one of my favs in this show =) they even put his new look in the ed XD.

    i’m glad they know angel is a human now, i’ve been feeling bad for her since ep1, but now she can be a good guy =) on the other hand, naoi looked very sinister to me on first sight. i think yuri had it coming though lol XD

    yui not being idiodic and actually rocking made the ep so much better, it looks like LiSA will be doing the band voice from now on

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, he became a lot more likable after that, it’s just a matter of showing off some of the other characters’ quirks a bit more now. And the rocket chairs were awesome.

    That was one of the things that was great about this episode, and perhaps her losing her position will open the way for her to join the SSS, it doesn’t really look likely from the preview though.

    Naoi does look sinister, and it looks as if we’ll be getting his backstory in the next episode.

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