Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 55

Ed, Mustang, Scar and Hawkeye continue their way underground, while Ed and Mustang argue, Hawkeye thanks Scar.

Aired half an hour later due to a golf tournament on TBS.

The announcement that the Briggs have captured Central Headquarters and ceasefire is called. Olivier orders Buccaneer to seal Central Headquarters off and kill the immortal army.

Some of the top brass arrive in Bradley’s office to seize power and are attacked by the immortal army.

The immortal army keeps coming and Sloth recovers and attacks Olivier and Armstrong, he tells them to stay back but the soldiers from central all grab Sloth’s chains to allow them to get away. Remembering how he ran away in Ishval, Armstrong refuses but before Sloth strikes a stone fist hits him and Izumi steps outside of a transmutated door.

She throws Sloth when he moves to attack her, Sieg catches him and tosses him aside, in a moment of manliness he and Armstrong both attack Sloth at once, killing  him for good. As he dies he thinks that dying is too hard.

Both Armstrong and Olivier are exhausted and Izumi introduces herself to them and tells them that she is Ed and Al’s teacher, upon hearing that Ed and Al are both still out there they resolve to keep going.

Hohenheim asks Father why he cast away his emotions and in response he tells him that he wants to become a perfect being. He then attacks him with multiple transmutations which Hohenheim shrugs off each time as he continues to talk to him about this.

Father sinks into the ground and rises up behind Hohenheim, stabbing him in the back in an attempt to steal his philosophers stone. He abruptly stops, and Hohenheim tells him it’ll take more to defeat us.

Al, Hienkel, Yorki, and Marcoh have arrived in central, a man with a sword walks past.

Everyone fends off the immortal army, and Izumi saves a general before punching him in the stomach in order to ask him some questions.

Olivier arrives in Bradley’s office and finds what remains of the top brass that had arrived before along with a passage that leads underground.

Victory is announced and everyone celebrates, however their celebrations are short lived when Bradley’s voice is heard over the radio, Central soldiers salute as he walks past before he intends to take back Central Headquarters alone from the front.

Next Episode:

Hohenheim and Father continue their fight, Bradley assaults Central Headquarters alone and Greed/Ling enters the fray as everyone tries to take him down.


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