Durarara!! 16

After tearing a door off the van Shizuo preceded to slam the possessed Shuuji into the brick wall behind him.

Celty retrieves the knife that Shuuji had and leaves him with Kadota’s gang before escorting Anri home. Who wasn’t surprised when she learned that Celty was headless.

Anri answers the door and is met by Haruna Niekawa.

Having returned home, Celty tells Shinra about this and how Erika paired Shizuo and Izaya together when he left for Shinjuku, suspecting that Izaya was involved in this. Shinra explains to her that what Saika loves is humanity and that it expresses this love through slashing.

In Anri’s apartment, Haruna tells Anri that she’s here due being in love with Nasujima despite being rejected when she tried to show it and that she can’t stand Anri being loved by him. She had also stabbed her father in order to send him after her.

Celty remembers that Shuuji was the reporter that she had spoken with and Shinra points out that the knife Celty brought back couldn’t be Saika due to the manufacturing date.

Haruna pulls her knife out and when Celty checks that chatroom there are messages of Saika proclaiming it’s love everywhere from the victims of the slashings who in being slashed have become Saika’s children.

Shizuo walks into the lobby of the apartment complex where Izaya lives while calling out that it’s time to play. Izaya appears behind him and Shizuo confronts him about whether or not he’s involved with the slashing incidents, in response he steps outside, insults him, and pulls out his knife.

Back in Anri’s apartment, Haruna reveals that she knows about Anri’s past and how her parents were killed by a burglar five years ago yet didn’t see it before accusing her a living a parasitic existence and Anri responds that she’s underestimating what a parasite has to sacrifice. Haruna raises her knife when the door bell rings.

Meanwhile Izaya and Shizuo have taken their fight to the street and Shizuo pulls a guardrail out. He prepares to hit him when Celty intervenes, stopping their fight and shows Shizuo Saika’s messages in that chatroom, he then heads off with her.

Haruna answers the door and finds Nasujima who freaks out and runs off at the sight of her. She decides to leave Anri to Saika’s children and go after him.

Celty and Shizuo arrive in the park and are surrounded by Saika’s children as they confess their love for Shizuo and intend to take him on, when he finds out that they like him due to his strength he laughs as others may not have accept him for it even though he himself can. He then rejects them all and charges in to find the real Saika.

Haruna has managed to corner Nasujima, she cuts her hand and brings it to his face, asking if he’ll accept her love. She raises her knife when Anri calls out to stop her, Haruna tells her that having not loved anyone, she couldn’t understand her and that her love is the reason for her actions before lunging at Anri.

The blade hits her forearm with a clang, she jumps back as Anri pulls the real Saika from her arm and tells her that she relies on Saika to love for her.

Next Episode:


We finally got to really see Haruna and she turned out to be a crazy and Yandere to Nasujima, intent on showing her love through cutting him. Erika’s reaction towards Shizuo going to see Izaya was pretty funny considering how far off she was. How Saika was spamming in the chatrooms despite being banned was pretty surprising in a way, with all the victims posting at once, along with how anyone slashed by Saika or someone possessed by Saika will be possessed themself. Shizuo tearing the guardrail from the ground accompanied by Izaya’s look of disbelief was pretty good, and him preparing to fight all of Saika’s children at once should mean some awesome fight scenes in the next episode. Both from some flashes and the preview it looks like my suspicions of Anri’s past being completely different from her dream look to be true. Oddly enough, Anri blocking Haruna’s blade reminded me a bit of Shirou’s body of swords from Fate/Stay Night, though I was kind of spoiled that she was the possessor of the real Saika.


4 Responses to Durarara!! 16

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was looking this show up on MAL and saw that it now jumped to #36. now i think i should really start watching this show…but im kinda lazy to dl all those eps lol

    btw looks like miyuki sawashiro was offed from angel beats so she could join the arakawa cast in being hilariously weird =) nice to see chiwa saito joined the cast as well, although i find stella annoying and kind of pisses me off when i see children pretending to be innocent while abusing their elders, but her hiroshima dialect is awsome =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It’s been pretty good so far, has some awesome characters who intersect well, nice music, and Miyuki Sawashiro as Celty.

    Arakawa’s just cast continues to go up in awesomeness, even Chiaki Omigawa (she played Maka in Soul Eater) joined to play P-Ko. Aside from that, Stella’s 3-Hit Combo was good and if you combine it with how Chiwa Saitou changed her voice, she was almost scary.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i started watching working!! withouth any expectations, turns out it’s like a second arakawa.
    it’s almost got the exact same general setup in a different setting. the main char is some slightly weird guy with some sort of weird obsession which leads im to stick around her. in this case he works at a restaurant with her instead of living under a bridge. the staff there are all weird… they even have their own version of sister…there’s a stoic blonde guy that is almost normal and seems to be the only kind person out of the rest of the staff, but his feelings can somehow be hurt by this really nice yet dangerous girl. XD
    if you cant get enough of you weekly arakawa, you can take a dose of working and you might just live the week XD

    btw i was wondering who nino-san sounded like. i wasn’t thinking much of it when i found out it was mayaa sakamoto. then i started wondering again…and realised she sounds and talks exactly like shiki XD

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I’ll give the first few episodes a go, there really are a lot of good shows this season as well.

    Her voice was one of the first I picked up on along with Hiroshi Kamiya who’s often in shows by SHAFT.

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