Durarara!! 17

While Anri stands before Haruna with the real Saika, Celty watches in awe as Shizuo fights all of Saika’s children at once. Their attention is shifts to where Anri and Haruna are, and Celty gives Shizuo some gloves to defend against blades before she leaves to investigate.

Anri knocks the knife out of Haruna’s hands and asks her to tell the others to stop, when she says that she can’t Anri touches her with Saika in order to listen to her.

From this she sees both the false image of Anri’s past and the truth of Anri’s abusive Father which caused her to lose her ability to love. Once when her father was choking her, her mother possessed by Saika cut him down before turning the blade on herself, after this Anri picked up Saika.

Using the gloves to block the blades Shizuo effortlessly beats Saika’s children, though he’s usually afraid of losing control he feels that he can’t lose.

It was due to being unable to love that Anri is able to endure Saika, Haruna picks up her knife and slashes away at her, however uneffected Anri raises Saika to Haruna’s neck and uses it to fully possess her.

All of Saika’s children have reverted back and Shizuo manages to stop as he prepared to hit one of the Ganguro girls, in the end he’s glad that his strength acted the way he wanted it to.

Nasujima steps out to leave with Anri as Celty arrives, she tells him that when she attacked Celty when he had the suitcase  had been to repay him for putting her in the same class as Mika. She also tells him that she hates him after he picks up Haruna’s knife and runs off screaming.

The door on Togusa’s van has been replaced with one with an cat eared anime girl on it picked out by Walker.

Mikado visits Anri in the hospital, she tells him about how she had met all sorts of people when she had been attacked by the slasher, when Celty and Shizuo are described Mikado is shocked. When he says that things like that are not like everyday life, she responds that everyday life involves change.

After Celty had arrived she took Haruna to Shinra and stopped Anri as she was about to apologise, blaming what had happened on Saika. After this she had gained control of the slashers who were originally under Haruna’s control, and learned that someone is working to disrupt her, Mikado, and Kida’s peace.

Namie comments on the weirdness of Izaya’s name and he asks her about things happening by coincidence. Revealing that he had organised this by taking advantage of Nasujima’s debt, causing him to run off with his money in order to and gain control of Haruna, but didn’t expect the real Saika to show itself.

After running off Nasujima had tried to mug Shizuo and got sent flying.

Police presence has increased in Ikebukuro as rumours regarding when the number of slashings suddenly increased in one night and the fight in the South. After finding out nothing from Shuuji, Kadota’s gang wrapped him up and dumped him on the side of the road, they receive a message from Mikado sent to all Dollars members for information on Slashers.

Izaya’s plan is coming into place as Ikebukuro has been split into three groups, Namie comments that the leader of the Yellow Scarves is only a kid but Izaya affirms that he’s still a threat.

In an abandoned warehouse the yellow scarves are having a meeting with Kida having returned as their leader. Since they attacked Anri he tells them that they will beat the Slashers and the Dollars if they have to, pissed off that he’s been brought back to this side of life.

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Another story arc is drawn to a close with the events that led to it once again being influenced by Izaya back when Celty was attacked when she attempted to retrieve a suitcase from Nasujima. Watching Shizuo fight Saika’s children was pretty fun and how he beat them was kind of like a watching a Dynasty Warriors game as he effortlessly defeated them one after another. This episode also showed the other leaders of the two main forces beside the Dollars present in the series, with Anri now leading the Slashers and Kida returning to lead the Yellow Scarves. As what has been hinted throughout the series, and it looks like the events of how the Yellow Scarves gained the recognition they did and why Kida left should be explained in the next episode as well.


3 Responses to Durarara!! 17

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i finally started watching this and i’ve caught up to frostii(ep 12), they havent released for over a month, i’ll wait around for a bit and see if they will release soon…since gg/ecliptic-bss is dead, who’s the next best group in case i can’t wait for frostii lol.
    i’m trying hard not to read your ep reviews lol.
    glad i got off my lazy ass(not really…) and started watching this awsome show. it looked like it could have ended at ep 12 if it weren’t for the journalist(or whoever he is), the girl in the hospital and slasher still out there unexplained. all of which could have easily been forgotten since they had such tiny sceen times.
    i was expecting shizuo to have a bigger role since he’s listed as main char on mal, but it seems he’s pretty much just there for the sake of being awsome like simmon…but with more screen time. even the ep about his background was unlike anyone else’s which was tied in to the story. that whole ep explained absolutely nothing except that he has a brother and knows shinra…i really hope he does get important later on, otherwise his awsomeness is wasted…like simmon XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    “Not Ecliptic-BSS” and HorribleSubs/CrunchySubs, both rip from Crunchyroll with the former restyles it like Ecliptic-BSS’ releases, in case you get impatient. There’s also AnCo^2 but I don’t really know what they’re like.

    I think it’s like Baccano! in which there really isn’t a main character, instead there are characters with characteristics of a main (like Mikado and Celty in this. And Firo, and Isaac and Miria in Baccano!) with arcs focusing on certain characters. Seeing as the anime for both this and Baccano! are both adapted from light novels by Ryohgo Narita and share the same production team.

    The episode about Shizuo’s backstory also explained his strength and why he always wears Bartender uniforms. It gave some idea of what Raira Academy was like when he was there and a look at what some of the other characters were doing back then as well.

    I hope so too in a way since he seems to know that Izaya is up to no good, Simon looks like he knows as well. He was pretty awesome in this episode and important in this arc though.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    ok i got impatient and watched AnCo^2’s releases. since it’s a new season with new op and ed from where frostii left off, i don’t have problems with kara and stuff suddenly changing. they translation is pretty good AFAIK at least.

    it looks like we have discovered what Izaya is trying to do. i kinda figured out what his evil plot was when he said Anri was still in control of the slashers. i realized why the three kids were standing in a triangle facing away from eachother in the op and was feeling pretty good(although i think it was pretty obvious at that point XD) when they had to ruin my little moment and point out the obvious with the little epilogue with masaoimi at the end there. XP

    i really dont know how the three factions are supposed to be in the same league when shizuo along can beat all the slashers, and the dollars still has Simmon, Celty, and the otaku gang(which can actually do some damage lol)…even Izaya himself is one of them XD
    maybe they could have distrubuted the powerful characters or add some to the other factions to make things more interesting, because the way i see it, dollars is a little overkill right now, even if the majority of members are just grannies and housewives XD

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