Angel Beats! 06

The SSS get out of the reflection room, the reason they didn’t resist was due to the students Naoi had with him were only NPCs even though their actions were abnormal.

Yuri decides that they should attend classes and gives a radio to Otanashi as he leaves.

Even though they’re attending classes they’re really doing whatever they want with the teacher doing nothing to stop them. Naoi arrives, Yui runs off to the bathroom, the group playing Mahjong jumps out the window and everyone else makes their escape, except for Noda who wakes up and points his halberd at a student when Naoi attempts to take him to the reflection room. Before he can act Otanashi and Hinata drag him off.

During the break between classes Yuri spots Naoi beating some students.

Otanashi sits behind Kanade and talks about the cafeteria’s Mapo Tofu and before he can offer to treat her to some she steps up and waits for him at the door.

They both eat Mapo Tofu in the cafeteria and Kanade realises that Mapo Tofu is her favourite food. Naoi arrives to take them away for eating outside the Lunch hour, Kanade had went knowing this and quickly eats her meal.

After being thrown in Otanashi rams the door but it doesn’t budge, with nothing else to do Kanade falls asleep on the bed.

The room shakes and Otanashi wakes up, he quickly searches for a way out when he hears Yuri’s voice from the radio, when he picks it up she tells him that Naoi. Unsure of his goal the SSS fought him but were unable to do much as he held NPCs hostage. In order to stop him they needed Angel’s help but have been unable to find her, as gunshots sound in the background she asks him to bring Angel to the grounds as she heads out herself.

He wakes Kanade up and asks her to help them, she activates Hand Sonic and slashes the door only for it to remain unscratched. When Otanashi says that they could have been friends if he had his memories from her response he realises that anyone who does disappears. She then goes through the different versions of Hand Sonic and Otanashi gets the idea to use them in combination.

Having broken out they arrive at the grounds to see that Naoi and the students under his command have defeated the SSS. He runs to Hinata, Kanade activates Hand Sonic, and Naoi tells them that he has become god believing it to be a right of everyone here. Believing it to be his right to make people rest in piece, he grabs Yuri  to use the same hypnosis he had used on the NPCs.

Under his hypnosis she finds herself in front of her smiling lost siblings and is unable to accept it. Otanashi punches him away, freeing her, and asks if he felt his life was real.

Through a twist of fate both Naoi and his twin brother fell from a tree where his brother died when he fell on the rocks below. His father was a famous potter and was raising his brother to be his successor but upon his death he had to train Naoi. No matter how hard he tried to couldn’t measure up to him yet he still kept working and upon winning an award he resolved to continue.

However he would be unable to do this when his father fell ill and was unable to train him, the workshop slowly degenerated. It was due to this that he didn’t consider it to be his life.

Otanashi grabs and hugs him, telling him that it was his life while acknowledging his existence. From this Naoi remembers when he and his brother were picking fruit from a tree and he managed to grab it. Even though it was meaningless, his father still congratulated him.

There were no changes to the ending theme this time with it the same as the one in episode 4.


While the last episode sought out to make us like and feel sorry for Angel/Kanade, this episode seemed to take advantage of that using the Mapo Tofu as a way to get Otanashi closer to her. Seeing the SSS do whatever they want in class followed by them all making a sudden escape when Naoi arrived was pretty funny, especially the group who were playing Mahjong. Naoi was also placed in the position of the villain he fitted well into it, though his motivation was rather typical. His past of having to replace his brother and never being able to live his own life also left me feeling kind of sorry for him.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 06

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    gotta love hand sonic version 4 XD
    i was feeling some weird vibes when otanashi was holding naoi, but it was a touching scede.
    now that they’ve pretty much gotten rid of another enemy(unless this ep was for nothing and naoi goes back to being evil), i can’t imagine what theye will be up against next. surely having another evil president will just be lame…i hope they aren’t going to do that right up to the end of the series XD
    i was looking forward to changes in the ed, but i was a little disappointed they didnt add kanade =(

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    That’s been worrying me as well, with Naoi now seemingly out of the way and Angel/Kanade not really acting as their enemy now, the SSS won’t be against anyone.

    Spending a few episodes without a villain in place could be alright but considering the 13 episode count, it could come off as a waste or make the ending feel rushed.

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