Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 56

After becoming a philosophers stone Hohenheim walked through the desert hearing the voices of all the souls now within him, luckily he was found by some Xing merchants when he collapsed, who were shocked to find that he was still alive and took him with them.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps. The manga is also confirmed to end in June at 108 chapters in July’s issue of Shonen Gangan.

In the years till now Hohenheim had got to know each one of the souls within his body and even knowing names of the souls that Father had taken. They rage inside of his body and fire out. Due to this he abandons his skin and takes on a form similar to the one he had inside the flask.

Bradley takes back his castle through the front door, charging in alone deflecting all bullets and slicing away anyone who gets in his way, even single handily destroying a tank. When he arrives at the entrance, Buccaneer moves to stop him, all his attacks are dodged and his automail arm destroyed. Falman shivers in fear as Bradley approaches him and apologises to Mustang since he might die here, refusing to give up Buccaneer wraps the saw chain around his fist. Bradley questions how people can be reckless in the face of death and Greed announces how he can’t let go of people like that from above.

The fighting continues, and Bradley’s wife cries tears of relief learns that he’s still alive, Breda, Maria Ross, and Fuery make the difficult decision of blaming the coup on Olivier and the Briggs.

Fuery and Maria Ross talk the decision to do this in the hallway, and what will happen if Bradley takes back power.

Greed drops down to face off with Bradley once more citing that his greed now wants his life, and when he asks how he escaped Bradley tells him that he was able to move through the rubble even though his age was of some inconvenience. Ling recognises Falman and tells him that he can accept this as the payment for food and lodging when he stayed at his apartment, even though he’s doing this for himself.

Their fight begins and Greed takes advantage of his blindspot so Bradley removes his eyepatch. Some soldiers open fire only to be sliced up by Bradley. Buccaneer strikes from behind and is impaled but manages to take his sword by tensing his abs as he brings his arm down. Now without his sword Bradley picks up the fallen soldier’s combat knives.

Central’s forces move in on the headquarters while Falman leads the defensive with the Briggs soldiers by moving the machine guns. When they notice that one of the communication lines has been cut smoke bombs go off as a shadow moves through striking them down before joining the fight against Bradley.

Fu has returned ready to repay Bradley for taking his granddaughters arm.

Next Episode:

Fu fights Bradley and we should see Olivier and Izumi’s group again. There was another trailer for the second season of Sengoku Basara as well.


5 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 56

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    w00t old man came back to fight bradley =) i was wondering where he went. hope buccaneer comes back to pull off some stunt, although i doubt he can do anything in his condition…

    watched arakawa too, the new op is literally made of pure pwnage lol. usually i just enjoy the pretty scenes in an op for the first few eps without paying attention to the lyrics, but then i saw maria there so the first thing i did was wait for kara to pop up lol. miyuki=win

    btw where can i find that basara trailer =)

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    seriously, why didn’t they just keep her for iwasawa’s singing voice lol

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    The Maria centric opening where she abuses mannequins and dances was good, and like most SHAFT openings it was fun. I often find myself doing that as well, sometimes I’ll even just have the opening playing on the corner of my screen.

    I’m not sure why they had Marina do Iwasawa’s singing voice instead of Miyuki Sawashiro either, the songs were still good though. The same can be said for Yui’s singing voice as well.

    I saw it on nico if you have an account.

  4. Point Blank Sniper says:

    just got off my lazy ass to watch all of darker than black and the OVAs in one day lol…
    i must say, ryusei no gemini was nowhere near the depth of the original. knowing the actual ending of s1 now makes the whole setup of s2 really random. it was like bones decided it would be cool to mess up all the old characters and milk the series without trying to explain anything at all…
    now i can’t wait wait for the rest of the OVAs to properly connect the two seasons.
    one random thing that was bugging me because i can’t remember, who was it that Hei talks to on the weird phone in the middle of the snow field for intel in s2?

    btw new girls dead monster cd is pretty good. it’s got thousand enemies and two new songs. i’m quite sure the third song would make an epic concert scene if they put it in the show. too bad there isn’t yui’s version of the op in the disc.

    btw you should see the new hq version of the g00ndam trailer if you haven’t, it fully displays the awsomeness of GN-X IV =) can’t wait for its MG kit now.

    p.s. it hurts too much to try to navigate a fully japanese site when i can’t even type japanese lol. i guess i’ll just wait till the basara trailer gets up on youtube

  5. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, when compared to the first season the second season doesn’t really add up. It was still good and all, considering some of the characters were pretty awesome and it had the mystery of what had happened to some of the characters between the seasons. But they could have done a better job with the ending and could have used some of the episodes a bit better. Especially considering it only had half the amount of the previous season. And the OVAs are nice, there’s also Shikkoku no Hana that’s set between the first and second seasons if you haven’t read it.

    I think that may have been Madame Orielle.

    I haven’t really had a chance to listen to it all that much but so far it is pretty good, and her version of the opening is probably being saved for the OST or another single.

    And after seeing the trailer the GN-X IV is awesome, variations just seem to work well for the GN-X and I’m kind of tempted to repaint my MG GN-X in that color scheme, I’d like an MG of it as well.

    Also after thinking it over, I don’t really think that it counts as spoilers but on an FMA note, you’ll be surprised at what Buccaneer can pull off and Fu can almost keep up with Bradley.

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