Angel Beats! 07

The SSS members spend their free time as they wish, Naoi overhears Hinata’s complaint about all the new members and uses his hypnosis to make him realise just how worthless he is in comparison to a clothespin. His attitude immediately changes when Otanashi appears to tell him not to do that, Yuri shows up and asks them both to come with her.

The reason Yuri brought them both aside was to have Naoi retrieve Otanashi’s memories with his hypnosis, though he’s afraid of how his life could change if he were to remember them.

While he was alive, Otanashi would visit his sister, Hatsune in the hospital, and though he had no real goal or interest in getting to know other people she was full of hope. Each time he visited he would bring her manga without giving thought into what it was and each time she would thank him.

When Christmas came around he wanted to take her out of the hospital for the night, when he asked her about it she wanted to see the lights that decorated the main street. After this he worked more in order to save money for it and sneaked her out of the hospital when the night came. He carried her down the street continuing to tell her about what he had planned out while her responses gradually became weaker, and she thanked him one last time.

Upon losing her he left his home and had lost his reason to live as hearing her thank him was enough to keep going, when he was passing a hospital he saw a young girl being discharged and from this he found a new reason to live.

He continued to work and started studying in order to be accepted into Medical School to provide others with happiness.  After being accepted he traveled there by train, however he wouldn’t reach it having died when the train was in an accident. Having remembered his memories he asks to be alone unable to accept that he had died without achieving anything.

He meets Yuri again on the rooftop, telling her how strong she is and that he’ll continue to fight with the SSS.

Since they’re running low on food Yuri initiates operation Monster Stream which is really just fishing in the river.

On the way to the river Otanashi meets Kanade gardening and invites her along, the rest of the SSS are uneasy about her going with them even though Naoi is already with them, Yuri agrees to let her go with them.

They meet Saitou from Guild who’s crazy about fishing and is supplying the fishing gear. Then they all start fishing and Otanashi teaches Kanade what to do, which leads to her accidently sending Takeyama flying when she casts her line.

Saitou believes that her strength might just be able to pull in the mission’s namesake, all of a sudden something tugs on her line and a whirlpool appears in the river, all of the members help with all their might to pull it in. Kanade jumps upwards and pulls both them and the fish into the air. However they’re now at risk of being swallowed by it so Kanade doubles herself and the clone soars towards it and slices it up.

Now with more food than they could possibly need they need they decide to hand it out to the regular students as well. While preparing the food, Otanashi asks if he can call Kanade by her first name and asks her to call him Yuzuru before asking her to stay with them.

While cleaning up they wonder where Yuri is just as she arrives injured, telling them that it was Angel that had done this pointing out a second Kanade with red eyes on the rooftop.


Having Otanashi remember his memories was something that I thought that they’d save for later on so I was surprised that they showed it in this episode. His past itself was of course pretty tragic, considering  how he had lived a meaningless life not knowing just how important his sister was for him to keep going until he had lost her (as he carried her through the snow no less), and just when he had found another reason to keep living he had that tugged away from him.

The second half of the episode however took a more humourous turn with the SSS going fishing which also had Otanashi bring Kanade along. And it was pretty funny to watch the SSS try their hand at fishing and try to pull in the mission’s namesake. It also showed that Kanade can now be considered to be on the same side as the SSS. One of the things that had me worried last week was that with both Kanade and Naoi both on their side, there really wasn’t an antagonist in sight and though introducing what seems to be clones of Angel/Kanade may seem cheap, I suppose it relates to what was seen on her computer, Harmonics. Even then it was mainly used as a cliffhanger so it should be somewhat explained next week.


4 Responses to Angel Beats! 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it was pretty weird seeing Naoi being completely out of character from before…he’s become Otonashi’s underling XD
    Otonashi recovering his memory was unexpected, i wonder how it’s going to affect the stoy…hope it wasn’t there just for filler…
    the rest of the ep just became weird.
    the big wish part i was like wtf!?! but it was pretty funny with yui not helping at all
    then we had kanade launching out a clone to kill the fish which was pretty awsome…until we find out the clone didn’t vanish, but instead it went about attacking yuri…

  2. fukki says:

    Im loving this series more and more, this episode was touching at begining and funny at the 2nd part, I really Liked it also kanade is so cute!! what you guys think about the second/clone tenshi?

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    yea kanade is cute, i think it’s mostly because of her voice. her VA is awsome =) she did the fourth op of bakemonogatari and everytime i hear it, it makes me melt XD

    i think the clone is her alter ego lol

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    Kana Hanazawa will easily do that for a character. She also did a good job with Suou in the second season of Darker than Black, part of the reason that I’m kind of disappointed in how it ended.

    It did seem a bit out of place to have them all go fishing right after Otanashi had remembered his memories. Probably due to it being kind of in reverse to the previous episodes, that said it was still good.

    @ Fukki

    Agreed, how it balances comedy and drama is one of the things that makes it good.

    So far I’m kind of unsure of the Angel/Tenshi clone, I guess this was why they sort of emphasised Harmonics when they hacked her computer though.

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