Durarara!! 19

Anri hides while the Yellow Scarves search for her.

After leaving the hospital she met up with Mikado and Kida, with the former offering to help her and the latter just having visited the hospital and running off after receiving a message. Ever since he had first visited her there, Anri had noticed something different about him.

In the chatroom they talk about the Yellow Scarves and Izaya explains the increasing tensions between the Dollars and Yellow Scarves to Anri. When she appears using Saika as her username and apologising. Celty privately messages her to put her at ease but her fear of the cops takes over.

Both Anri and Celty leave Mikado opens up private mode with Izaya and asks him about the Slasher, he agrees to pass on any information. While Simon is on a delivery some members of the Yellow Scarves attack some members of Dollars, Kida runs through the streets, and Mikado wants to stop a war between the Yellow Scarves and Dollars from breaking out.

Anri wants to do something and Kida ignores his ringing phone.

It then skips ahead to when Mikado, Kida, and Anri were walking home from school in the previous episode and when Kida ran off after receiving a  phone call. Anri left shortly after and Mikado overhears that some members of the Yellow Scarves had attacked some members of Dollars, he knows that something has to be done.

Kadota’s gang talk about how Simon had saved the Dollars members, threatening to make Sushi out of the Yellow Scarf members.

Anri heads out and learns that Kida is the leader of the Yellow Scarves with his cause being to avenge her. She asks to be taken to their next meeting.

It then continues from where the episode began and she continues to hide having confirmed the truth about Kida, who moves through the gap not far from where she’s hiding. They’re interrupted when Celty arrives and Anri desperately messages her for help. She moves in to help telling her to get on the back of her bike and covering her face. Kida steps forth as the leader while Anri tries to hide, and Celty emits the black smoke and changes her horses appearance from a bike to a horse to intimidate them. They make their escape and Horada throws a pipe at them causing Anri to slash it away with Saika.

From this Kida concludes that the Slasher is with Dollars. He looks up at the quote in the graffiti that represents a sudden change for the worst.

Just as he arrives in the chatroom, Mikado asks Izaya about the Yellow Scarves in private mode. He gladly tells him about it and that some of the remnants of Blue Square had joined the Yellow Scarves after their leader left, without mentioning Kida. Mikado brings up getting the message about Dollars not being involved in the slashings through members who are also in the Yellow Scarves, but Izaya mentions the possibility that Dollars could be involved.

In school he greets Anri and Takeguchi tells them that Kida won’t be coming today as he enters his class.

While Kida visits Saki in the hospital she tells him that he should fight against his past instead of running and he tells her that he can’t fight her. Having left, it starts to rain again and he asks if they can talk about something.

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While still revolving around the Yellow Scarves arc of the series this episode explained how Anri had went from noticing something different about Kida to running away from the warehouse knowing that he’s the leader of the Yellow Scarves. It did this by going back as far as when she was in hospital and showed the events from her point of view, and it’s always nice when it does this as it shows that there’s more than one course of events that lead to something happening. It also showed the actions how Mikado is trying to find a method to defuse the rising tensions by consulting Izaya, not knowing of his plan to pit the three factions at play against each other, so he obviously isn’t going to give any good suggestions.

Seeing Celty’s fear of the cops take over was pretty funny and somewhat cute at the same time, and it seems that this has replaced her fear of aliens for now. It does leave me wondering what one she’d be more afraid of though. Simon also got a moment of awesomeness for a few seconds when he saved the Dollars members.


2 Responses to Durarara!! 19

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i didn’t expect her bike to actually turn into a horse
    imagine you saw the headless rider and the slasher together in real life. i’d be scared shitless lol. those yellow scarves werent having the right reaction, they were too calm XD
    simon was pretty awsome too, i didn’t think he’d go save those guys, it looked like he was ignoring them when he was walking.
    and celty is awsome when she talks about cops and aliens, who doesn’t love a headless ghost that’s afraid of cops and aliens XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Same here, it was pretty awesome when she did though.

    It probably would be pretty terrifying to see a Dullahan in real life, it’d probably be a strange mix of terror, shock, and awe all at the same time, then there’s the girl who seemingly just pulled a sword out of her arm. I thought that the Yellow Scarves’ reaction was somewhat appropriate. They already knew who and what she was so they didn’t really need to be afraid of her, they’re also pissed off with the Slasher.

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