Angel Beats! 08

The Angel clone drops down from the rooftop and attacks them, Yuri immediately moves to fend her off but is overwhelmed. Otanashi leads the other SSS members to attack her only for her to deflect their shots, before she can close the distance Kanade intercepts and it leads to them stabbing each other.

While Kanade recovers Yuri explains that the clone is the result of Harmonics and Naoi suggests that it’s aggressive actions are due to it following it’s original intent when it was created. In order to buy Yuri some time to find a way to beat it she tells them to attend classes and make it look like they’re actually paying attention in class.

This leads to them having their own methods of making it look like they’re paying attention while Yuri infiltrates Kanade’s room,  looking through her computer and the Angel Player manual. Through this she finds an ability for Kanade to absorb the clones, limits them so that they only last for ten seconds, and finds a new ability created by the clone, Howling. To start the changes Kanade will have to use the ability first.

They return to the nurse’s office to find Kanade missing, having been kidnapped by the clone, Yuri orders them to find out what had happened from any witnesses and we see TK dancing in the hallway.

From this they find out that the clone has taken Kanade down into where Guild was, so they head down to rescue her. Luckily for them the traps are inactive this time.

They quickly find themselves against the clone who avoids their attacks and destroys their weapons with ease. However there’s more than one clone and the second one stabs Noda from behind. With no other choice they flee into one of the side passages, they then conclude that since the clones used some of Angel’s abilities she could also use Harmonics. Realising that they’re caught in a trap, they keep going.

It’s not long until they’re up against another clone and Matsushita steps forth before they open fire, sacrificing himself to pin the clone down. In order to get to Kanade they decide to heroically sacrifice themselves one by one to defeat the clones with fitting reactions from the other members each time. Naoi hypnotises Oyama when it comes to his turn and makes up for it by going next. When there’s only four of them left, Hinata sacrifices himself so that Otanashi can be the one to save Kanade, and Yui kicks him forwards in the middle of his speech showing a moment of grief afterward.

They arrive at the crater and Otanashi and Yui will try to find Kanade. They slide down and Yui is taken out in the process. After arriving at the bottom, Otanashi tries to find Kanade while Yuri faces off against another clone with none of their attacks hitting the other. The clone initiates Howling, Yuri runs unaffected stabbing her with her knife and pinning her down, revealing that she had been wearing ear plugs all along.

Otanashi manages to find Kanade and asks her to use Harmonics once more to absorb the clones, in the ten seconds that the clone has it explains that when the clones are reabsorbed their consciousnesses will be as well. The clones all turn into a red fog of zeros and ones, which rush towards Kanade, Otanashi holds onto her as she struggles.

The ending theme was changed again to show Takamatsu sparkling and shirtless again with Naoi on Otanashi’s right. The opening theme has also been slightly changed to show the new members of the SSS.


One Response to Angel Beats! 08

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    although this ep was awsome, i found it to be full of bs. the part where yuri says she can’t read the english manual and then writes a new ability for the angels in a matter of seconds made no sense. the fact that the absorb ability works by using harmonics even though it is written as a separate skill instead of part of harmonics is weird. then theres the part where there are possibly an infinite number of angels so they could have just outnumbered SSS in an instant and yet they appeared one by one just doesn’t makes sense, the amount of angels there were was also just enough for all the members of SSS to sacrifice themselves. then there’s the part where a tiny guy like oyama could pin down an angel (and matsushita’s sacrifice waas supposed to be heroic, but they messed it up with the other sacrifices). then at the end i couldn’t understand how kanade had the new absorb ability when she never synched her abilities with her computer. if kanade could be remotely altered by her computer, then yuri could have made the skill automatically activate without them having to go look for kanade to get her to manually use it in the first place. and why didn’t the clones get the skill and get themselves absorbed? and finally, if the personality of the clones was based on her intention when she made them, then why is the last clone that was made soley to activate the absorb ability then why is it subtly making an evil smirk?

    everything in this ep makes no sense… everything just happened from out of nowhere with no explanation =(
    and i’m guessing kanade will be influenced by the clones and become evil. she will either be the main villain for the rest of the show or everything will be resolved next ep and then we get a new problem…
    i hope some of this bs could be cleared up in the near future and no more of it in the coming eps

    btw the op/ed single came out. the full versions are both epic. =) there’s no bonus songs from either artists, just the normal op and ed. i’m guessing they are saving yui’s op for her next girldemo release.

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