Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 58

Ed disapppears and finds himself pulled by the black arms from the gate.

Meanwhile Greed continues to lash out at Bradley, they both go over the edge with Bradley holding onto Greed, his grip slips and Lan Fan grabs his hand. Her automail won’t hold and she tells him that Fu is already gone as her tears fall onto his face, she calls a soldier to help her and he tries to shoot Bradley down succeeding after being hit with the sword’s handle.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

Ling climbs back up and calls for someone to help him use his philosophers stone to save Fu, but no one is able to answer his call as he breaks down due to having come this far and being unable to save him. He hears Buccaneer and goes to his side, asking how he can repay him, Buccaneer tells him that their orders were to keep the gate sealed and that only he can do it.

He asks Greed for the power and heads out, as he approaches the Central soldiers he asks that they withdraw first before attacking, instead they open fire with all their shots unable to break through the ultimate shield. The elevator cable breaks and he steps out at the entrance, destroying a truck that tried to ram him, Falman and the Briggs soldiers watch in awe as he leaves a path of destroys everything that comes at him. As Buccaneer dies he salutes on his way to somewhere higher than the Briggs.

Gracia wants to see the solar eclipse.

Olivier’s group react to Izumi’s sudden disappearance and Olivier is informed of Buccaneer’s death along with how the gate is being defended by Greed.

Ed falls into Father’s lair and finds Izumi already there, Al falls in but is unconscious. Father steps forth having attempted to absorb Hehenheim and at least has him under control, noting that one sacrifice is missing, when he tries to explain what Father is his face is covered.

In order to create the last sacrifice, the Doctor needs to get Mustang to commit human transmutation, the remaining failed Bradley subjects restrain them and the Doctor makes suggestions for what Mustang should do. He refuses to do it, knowing from Ed and Al that it won’t work. In order to get him to do it, the failed subject restraining Hawkeye slices her throat. The failed subject drags her to the Doctor and she refuses to die, having been ordered not to, the Doctor pulls out a philosophers stone and shows that the circle is already complete.

Next Episode:

Bradley shows up underground and Mustang sees the ‘truth’.


3 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 58

  1. Fkio says:

    Thanks for the pictures!! i Love Full metal alchemist!!

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    the doctor says mustang will be the fifth sacrifice, but there’s only ed, al, and izumi there. am i forgetting someone?

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Hohenheim counts as well, since he saw the truth back when the people Xerxes was turned into a philosophers stone(s).

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