Angel Beats! 09

Kanade still hasn’t woken up yet after absorbing all of the clones at once, Yuri blames herself for this as she leaves and Otanashi tells her that it wasn’t her fault as she did what she could as a leader.

After returning, Yuri and the SSS discuss what will happen when she wakes up and the course of action they’ll take if she’s not like the Kanade they knew. As a temporary measure Takeyama is working with someone to translate the manual to limit her abilities. With Matsushita and TK keeping watch outside the nurse’s office. Noda suggests that they destroy the computer but doing so would be useless as there is easily enough replacements.

While Otanashi waits by Kanade’s side he begins to remember more about how he died. He awoke in the wreckage and after realising that he had missed his exam, he sees that other people have also managed to survive. A man limps in, he goes to his side and applies a makeshift bandage to his head. He helps him out of the carriage and sees that tunnel is blocked with no reception on his cellphone. The man introduces himself as Igarashi and they both work to help other people out.

Using what they have they help the other injured passengers out of the carriage and tend to their injuries. Otanashi decides to check the other side of the tunnel as Igarashi yells out that they’ll get out of this to him, he keeps walking until he finds that the other side is blocked with his cellphone still receiving no reception. He feels a pain in his abdomen an looks down to find that he is bleeding internally from an injury that he got in the crash.

After arriving back he tells them that the other way is also blocked and that they’ll have to work together to survive with Igarashi supporting him. On the second day Otanashi helps out one of the injured passengers who isn’t in such a good shape and Igarashi tells him about how much food and water they have to ration.

While their backs are turned one of the students runs off with the bags and is kicked when he trips, spilling some of the water onto the ground. They manage to stop the other students from attacking him but the other passengers are prepared to lynch him, to stop them Otanashi says that what was spilt was his share, Igarashi tells him that he’ll share his share with him. On the third day he awakes to find that the passenger he helped earlier has taken a turn for the worst and continually performs CPR to try to save him, however it’s too late.

They eventually run out of food and Otanashi contemplates that he wasn’t able to save anyone. On the seventh day, they’re all so weak that they’re unable to move, remembering how his sister couldn’t find a donor, Otanashi asks if Igarashi has a pen he could use and takes out his Health Insurance card. He fills the card out and circles all of the organs on the donor card. The other passengers see this and do the same, Igarashi congratulates him for giving their lives some meaning but gets no response. The pen and card slip through his fingers as rescuers clear away the rubble.

He wakes up to find Kanade’s hand resting on his head and is surprised to see her awake. She tells him that it’s a miracle that she woke up as she is and when he tells her what remembered she tells him that those people will be thanking him for the rest of their lives. Despite having found peace he hasn’t disappeared as he wants to stay with the others and help them find peace just as he had.

She confirms that this was what she was trying to do in the first place with everyone who came to the school having had a unfair life and that this is where they came to find peace. After realising this Otanashi remembers how Hinata would have found peace if he had caught the ball, how Iwasawa had disappeared along with how the SSS’ conflict with Kanade had gotten out of hand. Since he’s still here she asks if he could help her, remembering what Yuri told him about her past he agrees to help her let everyone find peace.

After finding out about the switched papers, Kanade is able to get her position as the student council president back and all the members of the SSS who worked to sabotage her results have to retake the tests. To them it appears that Kanade went back to being their enemy when she woke up, however this is really part of Otanashi’s plan to find out about the pasts of the SSS members while she distracts Yuri by being their enemy again. Otanashi is left with the thought of what will happen after they disappear.


I had really suspected that the story behind Otanashi’s past was over once the train had crashed but what followed it in this episode was more inspiring than tragic, as though it seemed that he had failed to save anyone when the first half of his backstory was told. He still continued to help and try to save the other passengers despite suffering from his own injuries. And even going as far as to sign up to donate all of his organs as he died, so that even in death he’d still be able to bring someone happiness, which also caused all of the other passengers to do the same.

This episode also finally confirmed that the school was a place to help those who had unfortunate lives find peace, and it looks as if the final episodes will be about Otanashi finding out about the other SSS member’s pasts to help them find peace with what happened to Yuri after losing her siblings being saved for the end.

Something that was somewhat interesting and funny was that despite speaking so much English, TK was unable to help translate the manual.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 09

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i didn’t think there was a part 2 to otonashi’s past either, but it’s definitely more fitting backstory for a protagonist than just suddenly dying in a train crash, although now it doesnt explain how he had amnesia. i wasn’t expecting kanade suddenly awekening either, i thought she would either be taken over or at least be shown her internal struggle where the real one wins. i find that the way she woke up was kind of cheap because of how big a matter it was when all the evil clones got absorbed. but it was a nice scene when she was patting him on the head and i guess otonashi’s story is more intersting than kanade fighting herself =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really doesn’t explain his amnesia, it was probably something just to make him a bit more relate-able earlier at the beginning, though it would have been better to have an explanation for it.

    I didn’t expect her to wake up so suddenly either, I expected at least another episode but with the direction it looks like they’re going they wouldn’t really have time for that. The whole clone thing really did feel cheap and I agree that the scene where she pats him on the head made for a nice scene.

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