Durarara!! 20

Continuing from last week, Kida talks with Kadota and his gang about what he wanted to talk about at the Russian Sushi restaurant. Erika and Walker do the narration this week, talking about fantasy and reality.

He asks to talk to them as the leader of the Yellow Scarves and Kadota gives their outlook on it, telling him that some Dollars members have also been attacked by the Slasher. They’re interrupted when Simon brings them some tea but it’s too hot, his hands are shown to be covered in scars.

They continue their conversation, Kida brings up the lack of organisation in the Dollars meaning that one group within it could be behind them and by attacking other Dollars members they’d avoid suspicion. Kadota responds simply by asking why, and Kida goes on to say that it could be the remnants of Blue Square, as he’s about to ask him about it Walker snaps his chopsticks saying that Blue Square never existed.

Kida loses his temper and Walker brings the broken chopsticks down, landing between his fingers. Erika supports his statement and Kadota tells him about someone who claims to know the leader of Dollars, but is unsure as to tell him who considering how the Yellow Scarves have changed. After he hears his reason for going after the Slasher he decides to tell him who but if he wants a fight he’ll get more than one. A knife flies through and stabs into the walls and Simon’s boss, Dennis tells them not to talk about that stuff here, Simon brings them their order so they eat it in fear.

Kadota and his gang leave talking about what had just happened and to Erika and Walker, Dennis had become a member of the Russian Armed Forces who opened the restaurant as a cover, while Kadota seems to remember someone called Kadota. It goes back to after they’d finished their meal as he remembers how Kida had told him about the Yellow Scarves’ brush with the Black Rider and a girl with a sword, and that Horoda had been attacked by the Black Rider earlier.

While Kida looks at the number he remembers how Kadota’s gang talked about the Slasher’s fights with members of Dollars which ended with the fight against Shizuo, following this Kadota gave him the number which turned out to be Izaya’s. Simon brings him another dish so he can leave smiling, and he and Dennis tell him that fighting also takes away happiness from other people.

In Izaya’s office, Izaya tells Namie about the pistols that were stolen from the Awakasu-Kai and though most were retrieved by Celty, some of them are still out there. He then receives a phone call from Kida.

They meet in his office and Izaya knows why he’s here and what had happened to Anri. Meanwhile Kadota, Erika, and Walker visit an anime merchandise store where Erika and Walker sum up what happened between the Yellow Scarves and Blue Square, while Izaya questions whether Kida really loved Saki and that what he’s doing now is to find out. Despite this he still plans to destroy Dollars and the Slashers if he has to, and Izaya reveals that Mikado is the leader of Dollars.

In the chatroom, Izaya tells the others about what happened between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars. When Anri arrives Mikado and Celty try to cover it up and Izaya tells them about how the leader of the Yellow Scarves plans to challenge the leader of Dollars.

Just as Mikado, Kida, and Anri prepare to walk home, Takeguchi runs up to them and asks whether they told anyone he was in Dollars after hearing some people ask about it. They both reply that they haven’t as Kida watches Mikado’s reaction, following this Kida runs off and tells the Yellow Scarves not to attack the Dollars while Horoda questions this.

Later on that night Takeguchi runs away as the Yellow Scarves led by Horoda chase him. They corner him and crush his harmonica before breaking his arm with a bat. Horoda tells him that this is happening due to the Dollars lacking a colour and sprays a symbol of the Yellow Scarves on the ground next to him.

The next morning Kida arrives at school telling them what happened to Takeguchi and that he’s going to visit him.

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With Erika and Walker providing the narration their viewpoint on fantasy and reality proved to be pretty interesting as they compared them. A large part of the episode was spent with Kida and Kadota’s gang discussing whether the Slasher was involved with Dollars, and though it proved interesting enough it also brought up what Denis and Simon’s past involved. Considering the scars on Simon’s hands and how Denis threw the knife, accompanied by the pacifist stance to fighting. Of course one of the most important things that happened this week was Izaya telling Kida that the leader of the Dollars was none other than his best friend, Mikado which was one of the things I was wondering whether it would happen or not. Though it was kind of hinted before it happened, it was actually kind of sad to see what happened to Takeguchi as he wasn’t really unlikable.


4 Responses to Durarara!! 20

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I rather liked Takiguchi because he composed music, and seemed like a nice guy. I was hoping they would work him back in, but this was a pretty sad way to do it.

    As to Erika and Walker’s commentary, I thought it was interesting that when Erika says something like “we take what we want and throw out the rest,” they are shown tossing the packaging to those little balls you get out of vending machines into the trash bin. I think those two are crazy, but I like them as characters, so I’m glad they got a lot of screen time this episode.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    He really didn’t deserve what happened to him, and though would have been great to work him back in a bit but I can’t see how it could have been done other than having him show up more often in the school parts.

    Erika and Walker are pretty fun characters and their craziness only makes them better, it’s as if whenever Kadota and his gang show up with a bit of focus the show just becomes a bit more interesting.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    erika is awsome, i love her voice(i think ayahi takagaki should do more of these roles =D), on the other hand walker is scary, but not as scary as dennis. everytime i see his face i cant help but think his skin can peel off and reveal something really scary XD.
    the yellow scarves piss me off a lot, they attack members of dollars knowing they are basically just random people on some forum. it’s like terrorists are bombing google users because they aren’t searching with bing… makes no sense at all…
    even if the slasher was part of dollars i don’t see how dollars is responsible for anything. if the yellow scarves joined dollars, would they have to commit seppuku? there’s some major logic flaws here… you don’t start a genocide just because you had a quarrel with a certain person…oh wait nvm, thats what people do…

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I didn’t realise it was her at first so I was surprised to find out that she had the same voice actor as Feldt and Ein. That’s probably due to Dennis being a bit old, from what was seen in this episode though he’s sure to be scary if he has to be.

    Agreed, their attacks don’t really make all that much sense, it pretty much comes down to “headless rider with girl with a sword = Slasher is in Dollars” which sort of makes sense, but then they just go about beating random unrelated members.

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