Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 59

Mustang tells them that he won’t perform human transmutation to save her.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

The Doctor is pulled up by Jelso as Zelpano and May make their entrance, they fight back with May going after the stine while Mustang rushes to Hawkeye’s side. She’s able to get to Hawkeye and heal her before it’s too late.

Once all of the failed subjects are defeated their attention is drawn to the footsteps of none other than Bradley, who after falling into the water made his way underground through the sewers. When he learns why Mustang didn’t resort to human transmutation he notes with a slight smile on his face, that people who have the ability to change with so little time make him angry.

However when Jelso falls, Bradley is revealed to not be alone as Pride has also and frees the Doctor. Mustang entrusts Darius with Hawkeye, Bradley picks up two swords off the ground and charges through Mustang’s flames and pins him to the transmutation circle while Pride kills the Doctor and holds him above the circle.

In doing this Mustang is forcefully made to commit human transmutation and disappears leaving only the failed result behind. Bradley tells him that Mustang is fine but can’t guarantee the state he’ll be in before asking which one of them will be the one to deal the final blow against him, learning that the others are underground Scar takes up his challenge.

Mustang stands before the open gate and falls into father’s lair with Pride. When Ed runs to his side he doesn’t know who it is or where he is, as his sight was taken away in exchange for seeing the ‘truth’. This works in Father’s favour and he remarks on the irony of what was taken from them all of them in exchange.

Scar and Bradley’s battle to the death continues with Scar trying to make a way down into Father’s lair, Bradley asks for his name but he tells him that he had cast away his name in response he remarks on how this is a battle to the death between two nameless warriors.

In the ensuing battle the ceiling above Father’s lair breaks and May falls in, she goes to Al. Who is currently in front of the gate with the chance to get his body back, as much as he wants to he refuses as he wouldn’t be able to fight with that body. He passes through the gate promising to come back.

He awakes in Father’s lair as his body notes that he’s proud to have him as a soul but  there will be a price to pay for getting his body back later.

Next Episode:

They fight back against Father as he attempts to turn all of the citizens of Amestris into a Philosophers Stone.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 59

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i dont get it, why is pride dying? and how did he force mustang to do human transmutation? it was kinda random…but all’s well because may is back and hawkeye didn’t die =)

    btw just finished black lagoon right up to the omake, i’m ready for the ova now =)
    and i just saw DTB ova 3, i think that episode alone is better than all of s2 XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    He went through the gate to get to Father’s lair as well so he could have lost some of the souls in his philosophers stone as a toll.

    They’re only a month away as well, I sort of can’t wait for them. And though the manga is good, I think it kind of works a bit better animated.

    I still haven’t watched the third one yet but so far I’d say is that it’s what the second season should have been like.

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