Durarara!! 21

Mikado questions why he didn’t stop the formation of Dollars when he had the chance.

He visits Takeguchi in the hospital where he finds out that Kida hadn’t visited him and that he’s going to quit. When he asks if Mikado is also in Dollars he overreacts.

He walks through the streets remembering Izaya’s words about the un-ordinary soon becoming ordinary and accepts that this was the result of his choice.

Meanwhile Kida ignores his calls and is currently in the middle of punishing Horoda’s group for disobeying his order. They’re still intent on continuing their attacks on Dollars members in hope of luring their leader out. So Kida leaves and tells them to leave that matter to him, however they continue their attacks.

As these take place Celty tries to put Anri at ease and sees that she still doesn’t know how to use private mode. Some of the Yellow Scarves bump into Shizuo but back off as soon as they recognise him.

Mikado continues to walk through the streets and meets Kadota who warns him that he shouldn’t be walking alone. They take the chance to talk, Kadota tells him the state Dollars is in, and after asking him whether he’s in Dollars Mikado asks him whether Dollars is needed.

Once he gets home he looks over the Dollars website where the members are expecting him to do something, he sends a message that they should avoid violence.

Celty receives this message and Shinra shows up and notes on how Anri, Mikado, and Kida are leaders of their groups without the others knowing and Celty can only hope that they’ll be okay.

Without checking the Dollars website Mikado has found some sort of peace despite what’s happening, Takeguchi thanks him after being released from the hospital and he finds out that Kida left early. As he and Anri walk home they split up.

The Yellow Scarves continue their attacks and are attacked by the members who were attacked by the Slasher, Anri runs around asking them to stop the other members, meanwhile Izaya watches over her while instructing what pieces Namie should move on the board.

Horoda interrogates the members who interfered but they don’t seem to know anything causing Kida to suspect hypnosis. Some of the other members admit to seeing a girl matching Anri’s appearance nearby who also matched the girl from before. He has to remind Horoda not to do anything but he still insists that they grab her, so he hits him back. He struggles to accept that it was really her.

As Mikado continues walking home he passes a group which makes him realise just how alone he is like when he first arrived, and how this had changed after Kida showed him around, introducing him to many different people. After bumping into Harima and Seiji, Harima asks him about Anri as she wouldn’t tell her, he says that he’ll ask her and Seiji tells him how he should persist in his love for her.

One of the Yellow Scarves points out the girl they saw to Horoda giving him a nosebleed.

After returning home Mikado remembers Seiji’s words and that he has to take some sort of responsibility for not noticing anything sooner. He turns on his computer and logs onto the Dollars website only to see similar stuff to before, he asks the members the question that’s been plaguing him and they start to take some sort of initiative when one remembers how Mikado had tried to change the Dollars for the better before.

Another member starts posting that a girl is being led away by the Yellow Scarves. Mikado recognises that it’s Anri from the description while Izaya watches as they take her away from a coffee shop.

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While the last episode seemed to focus on Kida’s side of the current story this episode focused on Mikado and Anri’s sides as Mikado questions the purpose of the Dollars and even goes as far as to stop visiting the Dollars website. While Anri makes use of the members of the Yellow Scarves who were slashed to stop the attacks, but it really ended up in giving away her identity. Having her being led away does make for a good cliffhanger though.

After seeing what had happened to Takeguchi last week it was good to see that he was alright with only a broken arm after being released. One thing that this episode made further apparent was that Kida doesn’t exactly have a firm grip over the Yellow Scarves as Horoda would lead them in disobeying his orders soon after he’d issued them, this episode also gave a glimpse of what he’s capable of when he hit and kicked Horoda and one of his group members. Despite appearing unlikable during the first part of the series, Seiji was pretty cool when he advised Mikado to persist in his love towards Anri.

From the preview it looks like Kida will be helping Anri get away and she’ll be staying with Celty and Shinra, but things don’t appear to look good for Shizuo.


2 Responses to Durarara!! 21

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    wow, AnCo^2 finally released this ep. i wasn’t expacting seiji and mika to be relevant to the story at this point, i thought the were in the op only because they were important in the first arc. maybe kasuka will be slightly important in the next few eps…otherwise i think both takeguchi and the suicidal girl from the first few eps desreve spots in the op too lol
    ep 22 aired already… hope AnCo^2 doesn’t lag behind even more

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I’m starting to wonder why Kasuka shows up in the opening as well, he doesn’t really have any involvement unless he shows up in the next few episodes or the OVAs.

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