Angel Beats! 10

Otanashi and Kanade begin to help people disappear by starting with Yui and Kanade shows him new version of Hand Sonic. Otanashi has a plan to separate Yui which involves Kanade blaming her for the band dying and taking her guitar, this would cause her to chase after her and Otanashi would get the guitar back.

While GirlDeMo practices the other members point out that Yui shouldn’t sing and play guitar at the same time, Kanade carries out the plan but she collapses instead of chasing her. Without her guitar the other members think that Yui is doing a better job yet she insists that she play as well and goes to get it back. Otanashi and Kanade carry out their plan.

After getting her guitar back Otanashi takes the chance to ask Yui what her dreams were, it turns out that she has lots of dreams since a car crash caused her to be paralysed and in her mother’s constant care when she was younger. Other than singing her dreams were to get a home run, play soccer, and pro wrestling.

He decides to help her with wrestling first and she wants to do a German Suplex, she ends up failing each time since she can’t even do a bridge. After hours of practicing to do a bridge she successfully performs a German Suplex on Otanashi.

The next dream Otanashi decides to help her with is soccer and she wants to get a goal against five people. So Otanashi meets TK in the hallway and gets him to get some other members for the team. He manages to get Hinata, Fujimaki, and Noda, Otanashi shows them a forged letter that makes it look like Angel is challenging them.

They arrive on the soccer field to see Yui waiting for them, the gathered team members are confused after hearing Otanashi’s explanation for this. They all try to get the ball off her anyway, Noda gets hit before he can take the ball, Yui kicks Fujimaki, TK manages to get the ball but Otanashi hits him away. This leaves Yui only needing to get past Hinata to get the goal, she uses her ultimate move to kick the ball and Kanade bumps it away from Hinata from afar with a slingshot version of Hand Sonic.

Next up is the home run, so Yui takes up the bat and Otanashi pitches again. As the sun sets all of her hits haven’t been good enough so they decide to try again the next day. Once they start again her hits have gotten better but they’re still not good enough, they decide to try again tomorrow. While picking up the balls, Hinata picks up the bat so Otanashi pitches one at him.

They start again but Yui’s hits have gotten worse since her hands are covered blisters and bruises. She decides to give up on getting a home run as trying was enough for her, she still has one more dream which is to be married. She asks him to marry her, Hinata appears and agrees to.

He tells her that he would marry her no matter what and proposes how they would of met after he hit a ball through her window. After this he would have gotten to know her, and would later go on to marry her after falling in love with her.

All that’s left is her helmet and bat, Hinata tells Otanashi that he’ll help him.The ending theme is a new song from GirlDeMo and LiSa with an image of Hinata pushing Yui.

In the epilogue Noda defends Oyama from a mysterious shadow.


To some this episode will have came as a relief and to others it would have been sad in a happy sort of way (if that even makes sense), which would have depended on whether you found Yui annoying or likable. For me it was the latter, though it was pretty much stated that Yui would be disappearing from last weeks episode preview, the montage of how Hinata would have met and go on to marry Yui was enough to make me feel like that, the song that accompanied it probably helped.

From Yui trying to perform a German Suplex to the soccer game where she teared through all of the members that Otanashi had brought to get the goal, albeit with his and Kanade’s help, this episode proved to be pretty funny. Not to forget Otanashi’s plan to get her guitar, how it was planned out, and how it was actually carried out as well.

The end of this episode also introduced another enemy for the SSS in the form of a shadow which Noda fought off after it attacked Oyama. Though I think that it may be a bit too late to introduce a new opponent for them if they’re going to have Otanashi help the other members disappear, I’m still interested in how this will be dealt with in what time they have left. Maybe this could mean a second season.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 10

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    who is gonna do the singing now =(
    maybe that’s where kanade on the piano comes in…
    sure yui was annoying most of the time, but she was pretty cute when she isn’t being a pain in the ass. i find it amazing that they gave her so much development over the course of a single episode and i really started to like a lot. near the end, i had a feeling hinata would find out otonashi was up to something, but i didn’t expect him to catch on so quickly and help him all the way, i was actually thinking he was going to disappear with yui. i was alway waiting for the hinata X yui development, but this was too short and painful to watch T_T. i must say, hinata is truly a worthy bro character, just when i thought he was starting to dissolve into that group of idiots, he shows that he really is a class above. i think he deserves to be counted as a main character.
    TK speaking in japanese and making sense…something that ought to happen more often.

    the whole black shadow thing just came out of nowhere, and i think it’s the first time noda actually did something useful. since they were saying it’s worse than angel making them disappear in the preview, i’m expecting it to kill off more than half the cast before it’s dealt with, unless there really will be another season. but it could be just kanade going a little too far with trying to look “cool” as otonashi instructed…

    btw another girls dead monster cd came out. it’s another yui one, but still no op. i don’t think all of the yui songs from both cd’s have been used, i guess they might just be extras not intended for the show, but the new song she was rehearsing this ep is one of the songs on this cd =).

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I don’t think there needs to be singing for now, it’d still be nice though.

    Agreed, she could be pretty cute (overall I didn’t really find her all that annoying) and she seemed to receive a bit more focus than some of the other characters. Her scene with Hinata was nice as well, though I expected for his response to finding out about Otanashi’s plan to be different than what we got.

    I think he can be considered a main in a way, since if you were to list them it’d go along the lines of,
    Otanashi, Yuri, Kanade/Angel, then Hinata and maybe Yui. By the way, he actually is the main in manga and the track zero novels.

    It probably could take out a few characters since there really isn’t that much time left and there’s still quite a lot of characters to have them disappear like Otanashi and Kanade have planned.

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