Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 60

The group at the radio tower lets in Denny Brosche who’s overjoyed to see that Maria Ross is still alive.

Back in Father’s lair Ed’s group face Father, May wants to be the one to take Father down and Ed remembers how Pride’s skin cracked. Ed and Al rush in to attack him while May attacks Father, Hohenheim tries to warn her to stay back but she’s blasted away.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps.

The solar eclipse is about to begin and the Ishvalans Scar met with go around to the points on a map with the reversed transmutation circle.

Scar continues his battle with Bradley as he muses about how this is battle over nothing. Bradley charges in and he manages to block his attacks while destroying one of his swords. Bradley tackles him, stabs the blade of the broken sword through his and prepares the final blow. Scar counterattacks with his other arm which now possesses the power of reconstruction, revealing it to be the result of his brother’s research.

Ed tells Al to leave Pride to him so he can go help May, Father creates a gun and starts firing as Al defends her. Meanwhile Ed’s attacks are dodged and when Pride attacks back, Ed moves through them and headbutts him, Izumi transmutes and fires a crossbow to help Al but Father manages to pin them all down.

The eclipse begins, the captured generals freak out as everyone looks on, Father starts to put his plan in motion only to be attacked by Greed however it’s no use. He quickly moves to the board with the pieces on it, reveals it to be the true centre and activates the circle.

Central is swallowed into darkness and the eyes from the gate open up on the sacrifice’s chest, the circle around Amestris activates and the arms from the gate rise up as everyone collapses. The points activate as well and Winry says Ed’s name as she passes out.

A giant gate opens up over Central and Father pulls himself out calling out to the eclipsed sun,  the ‘truth’ answers his call and opens up above him.

Next Episode:

Father takes a new form and they fight back with everything they’ve got.


3 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 60

  1. Fkio says:

    Hello tanks for pics!!!! Im Argentina and I love fullmetal alchemist, my English is poor!!! Bye

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    greed to the rescue was kinda short lived =(

    so it’s the end of the world and the five sacrifices are the only ones not sacrificed?

    anyway, at this rate, is the anime and manga gonna have the same endings?

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Everyone else is still alive it’s just that their souls have been sucked out of their bodies, still the whole five sacrifice thing is kind of ironic like that.

    Not sure, it depends on how Bones handles it since there’s about four remaining chapters and the final one is 150 or so pages. There was something about them working on it last month when the director, Yasuhiro Irie tweeted about it.

    I kind of think they can do it since it’s confirmed for 64 episodes instead of 63 now.

    @ Fkio
    Your welcome, I can’t really take much of the credit for them though.

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