Durarara!! 22

As soon as he learned what was happening to Anri, Mikado started to use the Dollars in order to save her.

The girl with the notepad and sign managed to distract the Yellow Scarves and lead Anri to a building, they still managed to follow her so Kaztano points out the exit and closes the door before they can get there. She then bumped into a man in a bunny costume who carries her away to a department store, Horoda runs into there after her and gets knocked over when Takeguchi gets some payback. The other members encourage him not to quit.

Horoda keeps going and gets to a supply closet where he finds the man who was in the costume as he posts that Anri is in his costume. Meanwhile Anri is unable to believe that so many people she doesn’t know would help her as she moves past the Yellow Scarves. Horoda calls in some reinforcements and Kadota’s gang stall the Yellow Scarves long enough for Simon to get there. Lots of people’s phones ring but Kida doesn’t answer his.

Anri takes off the headpiece and is spotted by some Yellow Scarf members. Before they can investigate Kida takes her hand and runs off. He leads her to an alleyway where he tries to act like he did before  but it collapses when he asks her about the incident at the warehouse and Mikado. She slaps him and runs off after he goes further leaving him wondering what he’s doing.

After changing out of the costume Horoda and the Yellow Scarves are able to find her, he questions her and tells her what they did to the members who stopped the attacks. Meanwhile Shizuo is pissed off with the beeping from his phone, spots Horoda with the Yellow Scarves and uppercuts him. Celty arrives to pick her up as Shizuo leaves.

It starts to rain and Mikado thanks Dollars while realising what’s important to him. Izaya comments on what just happened as if it were a game.

Anri wakes up in a strange room, after she leaves it she finds Celty and Shinra playing video games.  After she thanks them Celty tells her she can stay here, that she’s told Mikado, and that Shinra is with them.

At the warehouse, Horoda orders for the attacks to begin while the Dollars, Mikado posts that the Dollars will disappear and while being faced with them telling him not to, he disconnects the site.

Anri talks with Celty again telling her that Mikado and Kida don’t know the truth about her, in order to stop what’s happening Celty leaves to get Mikado to tell her the truth about himself.

As it continues to rain, Shizuo is gunned down from behind by Horoda and his gang, who leaves saying that it was under Kida’s orders.

Kida stands outside Mikado’s house trying to call him but Mikado won’t answer his phone, leaving him to walk off into the rain.

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It seems that all the tension that was been built up in the previous episodes of this story arc is finally starting to be released with Mikado using the Dollars again in an attempt to save Anri. The attempt probably be one of the highlights of the series for me since it was fun to see characters who had appeared before and rather briefly show up through out it, Takeguchi even managed to get some payback for when the Yellow Scarves beat him up and broke his arm. Though Shizuo was shown bleeding in the rain in last weeks episode preview, it still kind of came as a surprise when Horoda shot him, and as cowardly as it was, it probably would have been one of the only ways to take him down. The fact that he blamed it on Kida’s orders is set to send him after him if he recovers as well. How Horoda got the pistol got the pistol is probably related to the pistols that were stolen from the Awasu-kai that Izaya and Namie were talking about a few episodes back. Anyway, it looks as if this story arc is about to reach it’s conclusion.


2 Responses to Durarara!! 22

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    AnCo^2 was pretty fast this week =)
    simon was being awsome again
    shizuo getting shot was kind of out of the blue, he seemed to be immortal all along, and then he suddenly is down just like that. since they went to the trouble of showing that, i’m guessing his injury (if he dies like that imma rage) will be a big part of the plot. maybe celt and even simon and dennis snap and got avenge him? that would be epic =) that reminds me, why is the cop guy in the op and dennis isn’t XD as much as we all hate horada, even he deserves a spot in the op, although he’s already in the ed

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I can’t really see it hindering him all that much, given that he shrugged off getting stabbed with pens as if it were nothing and all the times he injured himself growing up when he lost control. So given that I think it won’t keep him down for long (some characters have also proved to have crazy endurance in Narita stuff). This means that you should probably be worrying more about Kida since Horada blamed it on his orders.

    Horada probably should have been in the opening, especially how involved he’s been in this arc, the same could be said for Haruna really. I’m starting to think which characters in the Opening are for style related reasons.

    Hopefully Simon gets another chance to be awesome before this season ends.

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