Angel Beats! 11

As he ponders who to help disappear next, Otanashi bumps into Hinata and Naoi.

Hinata and Naoi start to argue so Naoi uses his hypnosis. He tells them that he knows what he’s doing as a shadow rises up from behind him, it begins to envelop him so Otanashi knocks him out of it, then he and Hinata shoot it until it disappears. This is reported to Yuri and she orders that SSS members shouldn’t move around alone.

She calls Kanade so Otanashi, Hinata, and Naoi tag along with Naoi providing excuses for them while giving them the thumbs up behind his back. Kanade doesn’t know what the shadows are but she had programmed wings after Otanashi commented that she should, due to the shadow appearing around the same time Yuri has Takeyama investigate it. After looking through her computer he can’t find anything that could have caused it, they’re interrupted by the sound of gunshots.

They run out to see some of the SSS members surrounded by shadows, Kanade leaps off the balcony and glides down using her new wings. Yuri jumps down and runs there across the rooftops with the others close behind.

They join up with the other members to help defeat the shadows and for once Noda doesn’t get taken down as soon as the battle starts. While shooting, Yuri spots one of the NPCs transform into a shadow.

With all of the shadows defeated for the time being Yuri considers that the shadows could be there to stop them from staying where they are for too long. Fujimaki arrives yelling that they got Takamatsu.

All that remains is his glasses and Oyama had arrived to see him being consumed by the shadow. The next day they find out that Takamatsu is still here, however when they find him in the classroom he doesn’t remember anything having been turned into a NPC. From this they deduce that once consumed by the shadow they are turned into an NPC and lose any chance of disappearing.

They turn to Yuri so she calls a meeting in the gymnasium where she explains what they’ve found out and calls Otanashi forward to explain what he’s actually doing. Of course some of the members are opposed to it but Hinata and Naoi back him up, Yuri tells that whether they do this or not is their own choice. And that she’ll be doing what she wants.

Once the meeting is over Yuri calls them outside and asks them to have Kanade fight the shadows to protect the SSS. She also openly admits that Kanade wasn’t an Angel at all and that what she told Otanashi about not being an angel at the beginning was true all along. Otanashi wants to help her find peace as well while he pats her on the head. When asked what she’ll do Yuri tells them that she’ll has to check something and that she’ll assume that Otanashi helped everyone disappear if they’re all gone when she gets back. Hinata tells her that they’ll be disappearing together and brings up how they both formed the SSS. They’re alerted to another attack and Yuri thanks and bids them farewell.

As the ending theme plays, Noda happily looks at a photograph of Yuri, TK dances, Fujimaki prepares himself for what’s to come, Oyama gathers his resolve, the remaining GirlDeMo members look at Yui and Iwasawa’s guitars, Shiina plays with her stuffed toys, and Takeyama types out a final message.

After arming herself and having figured out the connection between the transforming NPCs and the computers, Yuri heads to the computer lab. She arrives to find the computer technician NPC who tells her that computers have been stolen, after he locks up Yuri breaks in and tries to figure out what the thief had done. She finds a tile different from the others and shoots it to reveal a trapdoor down to Guild.


Well I think this was handled better than I had expected it would be, at first I thought that the shadow would have been related to the clones that Kanade absorbed back in episode 8, but them turning out to be reprogrammed NPCs was a bit better as it asks the question as to who exactly reprogrammed them. The fact that anyone consumed by the shadows turns into an NPC leaves me wondering just how many NPC were once human but were transformed by the shadow.The action sequence where they came to Noda, TK, and Shiina’s aid was awesome with each of them showing off a finishing move of some sort, and Noda was actually able to show just how capable he is in close range combat (if the last episodes’ epilogue didn’t count).

Yuri proved to be pretty cool in this episode when she accepted what Otanashi was doing and would let the other members decide what to do and then going off on her own. How she and Hinata reacted briefly before she left also seemed to be something of a reference to the prequel light novels and manga. This episode also happened to end nicely with all of the SSS members doing their own things before what could be the final battle as the ending theme played. And even then it had a nice cliffhanger with Yuri gaining what could be a lead to the God that she’s after, in no other place than Guild.


3 Responses to Angel Beats! 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    at first i thought the shodow was coming out of naoi, i was relieved they didn’t make him the bad guy again.
    that big battle was pretty cool. i thought naoi wobbling in behind hinata with his dual pistols looked pretty hilarious. noda’s finishing move made me lol, it showed how much of a poser he has been for the whole show XD. TK finally had an english line that made sense, but then it was ruined by “i kiss you” XP, i was expection something more epic, like medabee’s “IT’S TIME TO KISS YOUR BUTT GOODBYE!” and then wrapping up with a “dude i rock” =)
    with takamatsu eyes filled with 1’s and 0’s like when the shadows died, i think he is just posessed, i hope his soul is only locked up by the bad guy with all the other NPC sould and gets freed next ep, it would suck to have him just stay like that.
    otonashi finding out kanade is not an angel was kind of overdone imo, i though he realized that long time ago anyway.
    yuri loading up those mags for her TDI vector made me grin…i think i’ve been playing too much MW2 and so has the staff from Key XD.
    i wonder what the bad guy’s HQ being in guild means. i would really hate it to be one of the existing characters to just be turned into the bad guy to wrap up the show

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, the battle was pretty fun to watch and Naoi using dual pistols they way he did was pretty funny. All the finishingish moves that they had were pretty cool as well, Noda actually did something other than being taken out first thing, and Shiina and TK’s moves were awesome.

    I loved Medabots when I was younger same with Digimon. Someday I really want to get around to rewatching them, it’s one of the reasons I’ll probably be watching the new Digimon series that’s coming up soon.

    Hopefully he is just possessed and agreed with the Kanade not being an angel part being a bit over done.

    Could be a new character since there’s a new voice in the preview, and wasn’t Guild already there when they got there? So maybe he was the one who created it or something.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    imo the new digimon is all wrong lol, it’s no longer digivolving, it’s just a megazord/gattai sort of thing XD

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