Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 61

Back before Ed and Al committed transmutation they found something on the eclipse about making a god during their research.

Only 3 more episodes left with the manga having now ended.

The country of Amestris has fallen silent as the five sacrifices wake up, Father greets them with his new form which now resembles Ed a bit more. All their attempts at alchemy don’t work and Father creates a sun in the palm of his hand to demonstrate his new powers. However Hohenheim was counting on his happening and had spilled the souls from Xerxes around Amestris who bring the souls of the Amestrians back. Father’s powers become unstable as the souls are drawn back to their bodies like a magnet.

It’s not over yet though as he still manages to fire blast after blast at them, Hohenheim is able to hold them back with May protecting his footing, even then he’s still having trouble so Ed and Al help him.

Scar and Bradley’s battle to the death continues once more with Scar needing to activate the reversed transmutation circle, Bradley won’t let him and manages to knock him down but is blinded by the sun. Scar takes the chance to blow his arms off and as a final act Bradley grabs the blade with his teeth and drags it through Scar’s gut.

He collapses and Ranfan asks if he has any last words, he doesn’t have any for his wife even though he had chosen her himself but was happy with the life he had, thinking it was worth living. Without any obstacles Scar activates the reversed circle letting the five sacrifices use alchemy again.

They continue their counterattack in order to force this god out of him and Scar and Hohenheim talk about Scar’s brother, along with the research he did. Father attacks once more and Hohenhiem defends Ed as they make use of the vat of oil that’s there.

In order to get enough souls, Father propels himself upward so they go after him with Ed staying behind to fight Pride. On the way, Hawkeye finds out that Mustang is blind and he asks for her help. Greed heads up meeting up with Ranfan and sees that Bradley/Wrath is now dead.

With his current body now unstable, Pride needs to get another container and sees Ed as the perfect candidate as he shares the same DNA as Hohenheim. In his attempt, Kimblee reveals that he has still managed to keep his sense of self , just as Ed transmutes himself to destroy Pride’s stone while keeping him alive. He places him on his jacket before he heads off to help the others.

Next Episode:

The fight with Father continues on the surface.


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