Durarara!! 23

The rain continues to pour as the events from the previous episode pick up where they were left off. Saki contacts Dennis, and Izaya calls out to Namie whose outside on the phone.

Even without Dollars the attacks have continued and Togusa wonders whether the Horada that’s leading the attacks was the same one who was in Blue Square, Kadota still can’t seem to remember.

As he continues to walk through the rain, Kida has doubts about Mikado and Anri but considers himself the worst for thinking them all the while he has nowhere to go. Mikado gets up and meets Celty, he gives his reasons for disbanding Dollars but she’s here for something else.

Kida answers his phone to hear Horada announcing his take over and that they know that the leader of Dollars is Kida’s friend, Mikado. Celty asks Mikado what Anri and Kida are to him, Kida tries to contact other Yellow Scarf members but gets no response.

The doorbell at Shinra’s apartment rings and Shizuo is standing at the doorstep. Anri is surprised to see him here as Shinra helps him inside, as the bullet wounds are being cleaned up Shizuo reveals that he had thought that he slipped and only knew that he had been shot from the blood. He now wants to kill the people who did this and Kida.

After getting no responses Kida fears what could happen to Mikado and Anri, upon questioning why he froze up before he drops his phone and runs off. Meanwhile, Celty tells Mikado how Kida had acted in front of Anri before suggesting that he knew about him, when he asks why they didn’t tell him the truth she responds that it was for the same reasons he didn’t tell them and tells him to solve problems related to himself. She receives a call from Shinra telling that Anri had run off.

Kida continues to run and bumps into Simon who picks up on his intentions even with his attempts to hide them, Simon then gives a brief insight to his past and lectures him that killing shouldn’t happen in Ikebukuro let alone kids killing each other. Despite this Kida still leaves. Meanwhile Anri looks for members of Saika’s children and Mikado heads out with Celty.

Izaya moves the pieces on his board and comments on the recent turn or events along with his choice for the role Horada is fulfilling, Namie looks on in shock.

Horada gives a speech to the Yellow Scarves, rallying them to take control of Ikebukuro and eventually Tokyo, one of the members of his group thinks that gunning down Shizuo was going too far even with Horada’s plan to get away with it, he himself still has his doubts though. Everyone’s attention in the warehouse is drawn to a lone figure as Kida arrives.

On the way Celty was able to meet Simon who tells her that he couldn’t stop Kida and asks her to save him, before she heads off again she makes sure Mikado is ready for what he’ll see.

Kida can’t spot any of the old members and Horada reveals that they’d dealt with them along with the members that are there now all being former members of Blue Square. He begins to move happy with now only being the high school student while shouldering his past. Horada grabs a nail puller and throws it at him only for him to pick it up after it hits him in the head, some of the members move in to stop him but he fends them off with ease.

Unafraid he keeps moving forwards prepared to kill Horada, in fear he pulls out the gun but one of the members strikes Kida down before he can reach him. He quickly pulls himself back up only to collapse after preparing to strike, Horada prepares to shoot but one of Saika’s children stop him upon Anri’s arrival, Celty speeds into the warehouse with Mikado and the three see the truth about each other with their own eyes.

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Even though the truth about Mikado, Kida, and Anri had already been revealed it was still interesting to see how it would all play out as they discovered the truth about each other under the circumstances that they were under. It was great to see Celty help Mikado out and prepare him for what he was going to find out, as it didn’t really seem as if he would have got out of that slump otherwise and in a way he kind of grew a bit from that. However it goes without saying that in no longer running away from his past, Kida had grown the most in this episode. Which should be expected as though as he plays a central part in this arc.

Even though Shizuo was shot in last weeks episode I didn’t really expect it to affect him much, considering all the stuff that he can do and has been through. So it really didn’t come as that much of a surprise to have him walk all the way to Shinra’s doorstep and his interactions with Shinra while he was cleaning up the bullet wounds was pretty funny as brief as it was.

Simon’s attempt to dissuade Kida from going to the warehouse was pretty powerful, it gave the impression that he knew exactly what would await Kida even if he did survive it and he had witnessed that sort of stuff to know all too well what it could do to someone, to the point where he could easily see through the facade that Kida put up. This also suggests that the Simon we see outside calling out for customers and helping out at Russian Sushi is a front as well and his true self can be seen for stuff like when he spoke to Izaya in Russian in an earlier episode. I liked how he used Celty’s PDA to ask her to rescue him as well, it seemed to add another weight to his speech before.

Either way the finale to this season will be airing next week which should bring this story arc to a close. And then it’ll just be a matter of waiting for the OVAs which will be included with the DVDs or when an inevitable second season is announced.


4 Responses to Durarara!! 23

  1. Roger says:

    I wouldn’t be worried about whether Horoda catched o or not.

  2. Roger says:

    I meant Kadota.

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    I noticed that as well, it could just be someone that looks like him but he kind of stands out there and he isn’t shown doing anything soon after the start of the episode. The fact that he’s there has me wondering what kind of role he might have in the next episode, whether it could be taking down Horada or helping Kida out.

  4. Point Blank Sniper says:

    kadota is a ninja o.O
    well simon was awsome agian, and shizuo…i didn’t the bullet wounds would do much to him, but i thought it would cause other charaters to take action after finding out about it, ranther than him thinking he slipped and fell in the rain…
    im interested in see how dennins, saki, and namie will have a part in the next ep or how it will tie in to next season.
    i find it stupid that the cop made it into the op…we shouldnt even know his name yet…maybe he will show up at the big fight next ep, and kasuka will visit shizuo after hearing of his injuries, otherwise, they have been dropped from the op and made room for horada and dennins.
    can’t wait till AnCo^2 subs the next ep…must resist your ep 24 review…@.@

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