Angel Beats! 12

The sun rises as Kanade swoops down to buy Otanashi, Hinata, and Naoi some time to help the members of the SSS who wish to disappear.

They meet the remaining members of GirlDeMo with other members in the background who reflect on their time spent and Hisako entrusts them with helping everyone else disappear while promising to form another band in their next life. After seeing them off they all disappear in the blink of an eye.

A shadow breaks through so Otanashi, Hinata, and Naoi escape only to be surrounded outside. Noda shows up to help Yuri by helping them, Oyama snipes some of the shadows, Fujimaki joins the fray by dual wielding his sword and gun but TK steals his spotlight as he spins in taking out shadows. And to everyone’s surprise a slimmed down Matsushita returns from his training to help them out.

Meanwhile, Yuri continues moving through guild and encounters shadows.

Back on the surface the shadows keep coming, one is slashed back as it goes to attack Otanashi as Shiina arrives. She equals herself to a hundred men as a way to get Otanashi, Hinata, and Naoi go on ahead while she handles things there.

Even Guild is swarming in shadows and Yuri happens to meet Chaa when she’s almost out of ammo. He hands her a new gun and announces Guild’s disbandment since the SSS’ fight is almost over, she thanks him but he just considers himself just to have been a fool who was just there at the right time as he disappears.

Kanade moves to fight the shadows inside as Yuri reaches Old Guild and decides to rest. She considers the possibility of whether she and Kanade could have become friends before, but her inability to forgive God would have made it impossible. Suddenly shadows arrive so she opens fire, as one attacks her from behind Kanade senses something.

Yuri finds herself attending class and interacting normally with an NPC named Hitomi who thinks that Yuri and someone called Fujiwara would suit each other. She gets caught daydreaming in class and proceeds to go on about how great this world is before considering what could happen if she disappeared. But if she were to be born again it wouldn’t be the life she has now so even then she’s unable to accept it as the shadows pour into the classroom and envelop her.

Luckily Otanashi is able to pull her out of it before it’s too late due to Kanade leading them to her after she sensed something. They set off again but find the way blocked by shadows, Kanade leaps in and blasts them away, with more coming in they tell Yuri to go on ahead.

She finds another computer lab where stolen computers line the walls and in it a single NPC sits. He congratulates her on making it this far and when asked he explains that the shadows have appeared due to a glitch of love manifesting in this world, usually someone would disappear after finding love but when someone arrives with similar circumstances to Otanashi the glitch occurs.

This was due to the programmer of the Angel Player taking advantage of this glitch in order to turn people into NPCs. The programmer was originally like them but after falling in love with someone who disappeared he waited for the near impossible chance for her return and eventually turned himself into an NPC.

He then proceeds to tell her that she could become the God of this world and turn it into a perfect world, she laughs manically at the thought but rejects it, the NPC picks up on love and notes that she’s the source of it. She demands for them to be shut down and even with an eternity to think it over, she destroys them all.

Having protected everyone she apologises to her siblings for loving the others more and considers the time spent with them to be irreplaceable. With what had kept her going starting to disappear her siblings appear before her and thank her, causing her to break down in tears.

The ending now features Yui teasing Hinata while Otanashi and Naoi look on, along with the new slimmed down Matsushita copying TK’s pose.

Also, Iwasawa is back in the ending.


An interesting part of this episode was the mysterious NPC voiced by Akira Ishida who was found in the second computer lab, and though he answered some questions he also seemed to bring about a few more while doing so. When in giving the reason for the appearance of the shadows he also brought up the question of just who was the programmer and whether he’ll have something to do with the last episode or remain a cipher. Perhaps it could be related to the Fujiwara that Hitomi thought would suit Yuri but with only one episode left I doubt it.

And with the end in sight, members (mostly nameless) of the SSS started to disappear en masse and leaving behind the members who had decided against it. It was pretty fun to watch them all show up one by one to help them fight the shadow and Fujimaki was actually using his sword. The new slim Matsushita was a bit of a surprise as well and it was nice to see Chaa see Yuri off by giving her a new gun before he disappeared. With everyone now seeming to disappear so suddenly with only one episode left it looks like we’ll have to look into the side material if we want to know more of the details.

Yuri finally seems to have found some peace in this episode as well and this episode seemed to focus a bit on this with her slowly beginning to accept her life and ending with her siblings thanking her. I originally thought that this would have been enough for her to disappear but I guess there’s more to it.


2 Responses to Angel Beats! 12

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    wow, once again they manage to unexpectedly resolve the problem revealed in the previous ep with just one ep. assuming, destroying the computers free everyone, does that mean all npc’s tunred to shadows change back? and the people that were turned into npc get their souls back also? and what about the shadows that were killed? i would really want all the shadows to actually be reverted back to normal since i miss takamatsu and his muscles =)…and i would really hate for the suddenly gone awsome guys that were left fighting on the surface to just be killed off and be gone next ep.
    if they survive, we could have a chance of s2 if the programmer isn’t explained by next ep. =)
    with just 1 ep left, i hope they at least touch on kanade’s past and how she got her hands on angel player. maybe also something to do with fujiwara/the programmer?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Resolving just about every issue in one episode is kind of a problem with this series, it really would have been better with twice the episode count it has. I wonder, they could respawn and hopefully Takamatsu will turn back to normal. The characters who stayed behind to fight the shadows didn’t show up in the preview, I really hope they didn’t kill them like that though.

    And we’ll just have to wait and see, a few of those things could be settled in the next episode. The issue of just who the programmer was is one of the things that I’ll be interested in seeing whether or not is brought up again.

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