Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 62

Father steps up onto the surface and starts to suck the soldier’s souls from their bodies, before it’s too late Hohenheim manages to stiop him.

After hearing Hohenheim’s words about him not being a perfect being, Father asks if creating humans will make him that and gives the souls from Xerxes some sort of temporary life. Their bodies fall apart and he blasts them all away.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps. Only two episodes left.

On his way up Greed thinks that only people that’ll be of use should go and thinks that with her broken arm, Olivier should stay behind resulting in a brief clash of words between them. After realising what Father is capable of she agrees to stay behind and trusts her brother to help. Even without his sight Mustang goes along with Hawkeye, and Ran Fan and the chimeras go with Greed. Before they set of Sig asks Armstrong to protect his wife.

Olivier sees Bradley’s dead body and meets Scar who was only able to take him down due to the wound he already had.

The dust begins to clear, May wakes up to see that in order to protect her Al had sacrificed his armour and that it’s now falling apart.

Ed gets up and goes to Izumi’s side and she points out that Hohenheim had shielded them all from most of the blast. But Father stands right behind him, he kicks him aside and tries to suck out their souls. The Briggs soldiers open fire to stop him and help them escape, no matter how much they attack he manages to defend against it.

Flames shoot towards him as Mustang and Armstrong step up with Hawkeye acting as his eyes.

She points out where he is and Mustang only finds clapping transmutation to be convenient when he has to defend. Everyone attacks with all their might, Greed sits back and talks with Ling about his greed. Their attacks still can’t seem to damage him and Greed strikes him. Father takes this opportunity to try to absorb his stone but this was Greed’s intention in order to distract him long enough for the others to attack again.

He still manages to block them and sends out a shock wave that destroys Ed’s automail arm, Ed strikes again and manages to hit him. This causes his god to become unstable and to send out a larger shock wave.

When the dust clears Ed’s remaining arm is pinned to the wall as Father moves in. Al tries to move but his armour is too damaged, he then realises that since Ed sacrificed his arm for his soul the opposite should still work. With May’s help he sets up a remote transmutation and claps his hands.

He meets his body at the gate and merges his soul with it sure that Ed will come back for him, the arm on Ed’s truth disappears.

Ed’s arm reappears and he strikes Father with transmutation after transmutation with everyone cheering him on as he fights Father with his own two arms. At this point Greed accepts that Ling was right, that he had only wanted to have friends he has now while Ed lands another punch on Father.

Next Episode:

All that’s left is the final chapter for them to cover, with two episodes left maybe they’ll be able to add to it.


2 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 62

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    my friend told me what al does a few weeks ago and spoiled it =(
    but it’s awsome seeing mustang still in action and armstrong gets more screen time =)
    i was shocked at the end when everyone was cheering for ed and didn’t help him fight though.
    guess that’s the way anime is…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I remember getting to that part in the manga when there was still that uncertainty about how it would end, so I sort of teared up a bit. Hawkeye acting as Mustang’s eyes was pretty awesome as well, I think Bones pulled it off rather nicely.

    Let alone he was punching after he had just had one arm stabbed and his other arm hadn’t moved in a few years, either way it was awesome.

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