Angel Beats! 13 (END)

Three days after the events of the previous episode Yuri wakes up in the nurses office to see Otanashi, Kanade, Hinata, and Naoi waiting for her to wake up so that they can help her disappear.

When they figure out that she had accepted her life she becomes embarrassed and stops Naoi’s attempt to use his hypnosis to find out each time. Since Kanade called her Yuri she considers that they’re friends and Kanade smiles since she considered that. They then head off with one more thing to do.

On the way Kanade hums the song that Iwasawa had sang before she disappeared, My Song while Hinata tells Yuri how Takamatsu had turned back to who he was and how everyone had fun living in this world, since she knew about how an NPC could return to normal it didn’t surprise her.

They arrive at the Gymnasium and Yuri sees the banner that they had made for a graduation ceremony, and the others notice how she’s changed which leads to her beating Hinata. The ceremony starts off with a anthem composed by Kanade which starts out normal but quickly turns into singing Mapo Tofu over and over again. Hinata and Naoi criticise it which leads to Kanade hiding behind Yuri but quickly change their mind about it once Otanashi points out how much she had put into it.

Next is the handing out of the certificates and Hinata takes the role of the principal to hand them out. They all happily accept them and once Otanashi accepts his he asks if Hinata could take off the glasses and wig so that he can hand him his certificate. Once this is over Otanashi gives a speech as the class representative where he  speaks of his time spent with the others and how he wanted to help them find peace after he had found it himself, determined to never to forget the bonds they shared. They then sing Aogeba Toutoshi and laugh.

With this over there’s nothing left but to disappear one by one, in order not to see anyone cry Naoi goes first and with tears in his eyes thanks Otanashi as he wouldn’t have been able to find peace without the words he said to him. Yuri goes next, she apologises to Kanade and talks to her about what could have happened if they became friends earlier, she bids everyone farewell and hopes that they’ll meet again. Hinata decides to go next so that Otanashi doesn’t leave Kanade on her own, he thanks him and Otanashi explains what led to his decision to help everyone disappear. He asks him to say hi to Yui when he meets her again and they high five before he disappears.

Otanashi and Kanade go outside where he suggests that they stay behind to help people disappear and asks if she can stay with him. He confesses his love to her but she doesn’t respond since she would disappear, she then tells him that she was the recipient of his heart and that her regret was being unable to thank him. She had realised this after stabbing him and that his memories had returned due to listening to the beat of the heart he had given her.

She then asks that he repeat what he had said, at first he refuses but when she reminds him of how wonderful it is to live they embrace each other and he repeats his words again. While his tears pour she thanks him and ge falls through where she was once she disappears.

The ending theme is different from normal and features a reverse of the usual image with the members of the SSS disappearing one by one until the final five remain. Who then disappear in the order they did ending in the blank background.

The newly reincarnated Otanashi walks through a busy street and notices a girl humming a familiar tune, as she walks off he runs after her and reaches out for her.


Ignoring how it seemed to skip how the other members accepted their lives and disappeared I’d say this was a pretty nice way to end the series. Especially how they held a graduation ceremony before they disappeared with Yuri showing her cute side  a bit. I liked how Kanade hummed Iwasawa’s last song on their way to the gymnasium and how it linked in with the end, considering that she was at or on her way to each GirlDeMo concert she must have been a real big fan, it was also good not to see Iwasawa forgotten due to that. And the speech that Otanashi gave was pretty nice as well where he showed his and all the others promise to never forget the bonds they shared even if they forget what they look like or who they were. After the ceremony it was kind of bitter sweet to see the remaining characters take their turns to disappear, with Naoi thanking Otanashi one last time with tears in his eyes, Hinata remembering his promise to Yui, and Yuri apologising to Kanade. All up it was really a pretty good scene but I had hoped that Yuri would do a bit more as far as Hinata concerned since they’ve been together a long time once you consider Track Zero.

After this if the tears didn’t start pouring they would have, with Otanashi confessing to Kanade and asking her to stay with him in the afterlife to help other people find peace resulting in one of the most emotional scenes in the series so far. Her regret that caused her to stay there for so long in the first place was revealed nicely as well, with it linking in with how he filled out his organ donor card before he died, Kanade stabbing him in the beginning, how he got his memories back, and even the heart beat in the logo/eyecatch. And even though I had expected that Otanashi and either one or more characters would meet again in their next life, I still thought it was a nice way to end it with him and Kanade meeting in a fated way while leaving us to wonder what would have happened afterward.

Overall I’m kind of disappointed with this series but still happy about it at the same time and if I had to name a fault about it, it would have been the episode count. With everything that happened it would have been better for it to have been twenty six episodes with more time spent pacing the events out and developing more on some of the other characters. Since barely anything was known about some of them aside from a few traits by the end and it felt cheap to just have them disappear between the last two episodes. It all just seemed as if Jun Maeda had either bitten off more than he could chew or was backed into a corner with the thirteen episode count, since there seems to be a few things that give off that some stuff had been cut out.

But even then I still enjoyed the series, it had some good comedy and tear inducing drama as I had expected it to have. Along with some pretty fun characters and awesome concert scenes with equally good music. There also happens to be the prequel, Track Zero to give them a bit more development which part of me hopes will be animated one day. So in the end even though it was kind of disappointing I still don’t regret watching the series, it fulfilled my expectations and went a bit further. It’s only a shame it wasn’t a bit longer.


5 Responses to Angel Beats! 13 (END)

  1. Ushio says:

    ahh! i watched the last episode just now…i hate how it ended so fast, i would of liked to see the other memeber’s dreams one by one too 🙂 i also wanted more Yui and Hinata. Shiina was pretty awesome too, i wouldve liked her to have a more detailed ending 😦
    btw im DEFINATELY watching a sequel…is there is one, which i hope there is…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yui and Hinata definitely could have done with a bit more development throughout the series and even something like Hinata accidentally sending a baseball through a window at the end would have been nice. And yeah, Shiina was awesome (probably one of my favourite characters in the show).

    There’s a bit of potential for some sort of sequel and KEY could easily make an Angel Beats! VN if they wanted to. At least there’s the prequel until then.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i just had time to watch the anime i had piled up over the last week.
    this show is pretty good imo, it had a bit of comedy and tear jerking(although a bit forceful at times), and i had no problem with the episode count. i would have liked it to be longer, but it definitely wasn’t a problem for me. although some things could have used a lot more time to develope, i’m rather amazed at how they manage to start and end each arc in an episode.

    the only problem i had with this show was the fail logic that was always present. everytime there was some sort of mystery, a character(usually yuri) would magically come to a certain conclusion, disregarding all other possibilities, and it would always be correct. then the next episode, they would discuss what happened and someone would mention a fact that we didn’t know during the last episode. it would clear up some of the mystery but it would be unexplained as to how they found that out in the first place. then the cycle of fail logic starts all over again. it’s very evident that they are forcefully pushing the story in a specific direction when they do this and it just makes the story hard to logically follow and not so believable.
    one instance of fail logic in this ep is that Otonashi died, then his heart is used by kanade (and unexplainedly loses his memory). how is it possible that kanade had just recieved his heart when she has been fighting the battlefront all this time? she was long dead before Otonashi died, how could she recieve his heart? lolwut?!?! is right.

    the only way i could explain this is that looooong loong ago Otonashi did that exact same thing, he donated his heart in his last life, kanade got his heart but died eventually, so they meet in the afterlife. he finds out his organs were of use and accepts his life, then disappears. kanade falls in love with him and doesn’t get the chance to thank him. she stays…and guess what im going to say. yeah, she becomes the programmer of angel player and starts to act like an npc…almost exactly as the mysterious NPC in the second computer lab told the story, but with the genders swapped.
    yeah this is really far fetched, and i’m wondering why nobody has mentioned anything about such a big logic fail that requires my far fetched imagination to explain. did i miss something really obvious that explains the whole story? or are we supposed to pretend it’s not there? XD

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    The fail logic was probably due to the short episode count, it was as if there wasn’t really anytime to develop upon on any issues that were brought up so they had to be resolved quickly so there was the basis for what we now have as the ending. The forced drama was kind of like that too.

    The way I saw it, after dying Otanashi went into some other state of purgatory and since Kanade’s regret that she couldn’t thank him was strong enough it was able drag him into the purgatory the show is set in. Either that or the concept of time there doesn’t really have any impact on the real world, meaning that people can be thrown in at any time and how long they stay there doesn’t effect the world itself. It isn’t really specified how long the Yuri, Hinata, and co were there either.

    Overall though, yeah, it was a pretty good show it just had the potential to be a little better.

  5. Konrad says:

    The end was rlly sad:( i did cry. I would like to see a romance anime with Kanade & Otonashi.

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